Friday, September 10, 2010

Tasmania - Hobart 2

The next day we journeyed to Port Arthur. I was struggling to stay awake in the morning (clear evidence that I'm never a morning person) and thankfully still managed to keep everyone alive while driving. =P

And it was along the way that I experienced the coldest temperature throughout my whole life up till that point... -1 degree celcius at sea level. Rolling down the window was akin to inviting knives to pierce my face over and over again. It's probably nothing to those who have gone to UK or Russia before but it was a whole new experience for me.

Anyway, we reached Port Arthur only to find out that we needed to pay around 70AUD just to get into the town area. What a ripoff!! Being the cheapskate we were We had budget constraint so we decided not to venture in, instead we had breakfast there and went to the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Center:
A happy and a screaming Tasmanian Devils.

To make a point on how cold it was then:
Ice forming on the wooden handrail.

Now before I continue, I think most people would think of this when I say Tasmanian Devil:
Now throw that image out of your head... NOW!

The REAL Tasmanian Devil was nowhere as cute... in fact they were quite grumpy and freely bared fangs at each other. According to the worker there, the more they bare fangs and growl at each other(between a male and a female Devil, that is), the more likely they are closer with each other and hence the higher chance they would mate in the future. That's like saying the more my girlfriend show that she wants to bite off my head, the more likely she'll have sex with me. Twisted eh?
A Tasmanian Devil when it's not grumpy.

Tasmanian Devils when they see food.

Tasmanian Devils have really really bad eyesight and hearing that they are not able to hunt at all. They are what we call the scavengers, basically they will look for dead carcasses and eat them as food. When it comes to dead carcasses, Australia will never be short of them... just the journey from Hobart to Port Arthur and then to the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Center, we saw at least 5 of them on the road.

After that we went to feed the kangaroos:

An old kangaroo this...

The kangaroos had a relatively peaceful life until...
One impostor came to steal their food...
and another impostor came to steal their love.

After feeding the kangaroos, we went for their bird show. While not having as many audience as you would get in Jurong Birdpark's bird shows, it's still an enjoyable one nonetheless.

First there's the parrot who would do well as debt collector, though it could only pick out shillings from our hands.

Then an owl that... was somehow still awake in the day.

A falcon that couldn't fly due to broken wing but would've totally ripped your head otherwise.
Showing its beautiful side... it's always about the angle baby.

And finally the bird flying through wide open legs show!

After the bird show concluded, we walked around a bit more to kill time.
Cutest ever Wallaby!!

We then proceeded to Cadbury factory and had a tour. We learned some of the processes involved in making chocolates...
and bought a handful of cheap cheap CHEAP chocolates from their in-house store!!
Every Cadbury lovers' wet dream.

The final agenda of the day: Mount Wellington!!

And we're all at the pinnacle!!

What better place than a chilly, windy place to propose to your girlfriend?

Our final picture at the highest point in Tasmania before we scrambled back to our car for warmth. Good fun it was.

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