Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And then April comes...

March had been fast and furious for me. A blink of an eye and we're approaching April now.

What happened in March? Actually, there are only two things worth mentioning...... unless of course, you want to listen to me ranting about my endless CAs and projects. In case you do, make it loud and clear on your MSN and I'll entertain you in no time.

First, Jane's birthday...... which has been given a full coverage in the blogs of the one who stole Yi Wang's Ultraman and the one who attracts mosquitoes. In fact, the coverage is so complete(with all their colourful words, literally) that anything else that I mention here will be an insult to their entries.

Second one took place in the previous weekend. My family came down to visit me!! (So that's what the countdown was about!!) And I was once again reunited with Prison Break and House my family, albeit for a short while. So, being a nice tour guide I brought them to...... Vivo City! And I found......

The very reason that sparked the once feared, now forgotten childhood war between He-Hoo's-name-must-not-be-mentioned and She-is-my-ACP.

I bought myself an Oakley bag and my brother, who budgeted a total of RM300 for shopping in Singapore, bought nothing. Determined to not go back empty handed, he went to Queenstown Mall and bought a pair of spanking new Adidas sneakers.

On Sunday, we went to Raffles Marina for lunch.

It's nowhere near Raffles Place or City Hall by the way. It's in Tuas.

You can see Johor and the Second Link bridge from here. The food? Very nice...... and very nice on your pocket too. 9.50 SGD for Smoked Chicken Sandwich...... shall reserve for special occasions to have my meal there.

And we found baby jellyfish at the dock!! Yeah, I've never seen a real jellyfish before...

Finally, thanks Jane for the nice and sweet letter that you wrote. Appreciate it. =)

Thursday, March 01, 2007


You're probably one of the most eccentric persons, to the point of being stubbornly stupid some times, who I personally know. Yet it's the same eccentric traits that make things fun when you're around (apart from the fact that you're the butt of our jokes sometimes =P).

You are a great fun to talk to, and I'm very sure that I can talk to you about virtually anything and everything (ok, maybe apart from cars, tech stuff...... bikes...... which you probably are not interested in. Math, philosophy...... because I'll be ridiculed badly the moment you start to talk =P).

You are very generous as well. I'm sure there are a lot more sandwiches to come in the future...... and maybe even abalone and shark fin soup for us to rinse our mouths right before the sandwiches.

Witty, funny, confident, charming and irresistable, and does not let obstacles overcome you, you'll always shine and bring joy to your friends despite you claiming to be a pessimist.

Thanks for being there when I need someone to talk to. Thanks for listening to my rants. Glad that I have you as my friend.

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HSUEH MING!!! And I want to say I'm sorry for not being able to celebrate your birthday with you even once ever since I've known you.

I wrote this so that you'll feel so good that you'll forget about birthday gift altogether. =P

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