Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tasmania - Wineglass Bay

Day 3 in Tasmania: We checked out of our backpackers hostel in Hobart and drove to Freycinet National Park.

A long drive and a lunch later, we were greeted with this:
Looks like there's a group of people running around naked in the national park.

Before we started our climb to Wineglass Bay Lookout, we had to leave our contacts on a log book at the entrance along with our log in time. This would help them to keep track of the people who were still in the park and ensure that at the end of the day, no one would remain in the park.

Then we climbed these:

and found time to take in some views along the way:

Many centuries and few hundred rounds of pit stop later, we reached the lookout point:
And so a monkey sat and lookout from the lookout area...
and he found the legendary bay that looked like a wineglass.

We stayed a while to catch our breath while some of us camwhored:
A happy prisoner who had more than her fair share of free curry rice.

A frantic prisoner who didn't realise that he could easily climb out of the cage.

After that we drove to some other parts of the park and found this:

Being near to the sea always made me feel that I could dump all my worries and uncertainties out, very therapeutic and relaxing. My dream house MUST be beside or at a beach, if only just to be near the sea. ;)
The non-couple version of standing at the edge and taking in sea breeze.

People of all sizes.

Sea wide sky empty!

Then we went to yet another spot in the park, and took some photos that are... different from usual:
The super shiny Rolex.

The emo.

The "you-know-this-is-bound-to-come-out-at-some-point"

After that we fooled around a bit:
Tales of a dog peeing and a dog kicking.

The following requires no narration:

The sun was setting soon so we went to our backpackers in Bicheno.

Bicheno was a very very small secluded town(so secluded that there was no mobile phone coverage there!!) and when the sun was setting, it's dead. We spent the whole evening and night in the backpackers entertaining ourselves with card games and boozes.
Dinner was from a nearby mini market, but in the end, it's always the company that mattered. ;)

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