Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Entropy Level : High

I'm probably the only one who doesn't anticipate Thursdays and Fridays.

I've never thought that any sane person would allow people to smoke in a small air-conditioned bar.

Elaine and Jane had probably used my highlighter to write the Welcome Back note for me.

I probably won't understand the thrill of watching 32 cosplayers faking a fight, like a much tamer, less violent version of WWE, ever.

I'm going to look really silly if I'm really cosplaying this year.

I got my first ever Christmas present in my entire life, and the way my friends described the present made me think of...... other things.

First ever christmas present.

It thinks that you're too yong sui and vomitting right now is shy with strangers.

I'm happy to announce that there's no longer a big hole on my blanket, instead the hole is replaced by many smaller holes.

Alcohols cause rashes on my arms, though the rashes will disappear on the next night.

Bridge is fun.

Drinking vodka lime while playing bridge is more fun.

Getting complains from the advisor of the hostel block while playing bridge and drinking vodka lime is not fun.

As for my "sudden" departure, I'll try to be much less subtle next time. *stares at HM*

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy 2007

Like others, I have my own resolutions. But those are for me to know and for you to find out. You can make a wild guess and I might entertain you.

New year's eve celebration - I was initially torn between two choices : The Curve or HM's friend's party. Actually the latter one was a much more attractive option, seeing that I don't need to drive and erm, I can get to know more people. In the end I went to The Curve because I've promised Jian Wen before HM's invitation.

I had to drive because Wai Seng's car was hijacked and Angel was basically a road hazard when she's behind the wheels. In fact, I couldn't recall of the time that I didn't scream in her car. And boy it's a pain in the ass to drive a manual car when there's traffic jam. We arrived early, found a parking space and shopped around while waiting for the rest. I bought myself a T-shirt and a pair of spanking new loafers. It's gonna be a rough year ahead - "san nin mai hai, li yat nin jau hai hai seng lar".

Soon enough we found ourselves waiting outside TGIF like beggars for almost one and a half hours despite booking 2 tables one week ago. And it didn't help that I had my last meal at 1 pm. Sheer torment watching them eat while we're starving. After much cursing and complaining, we were finally seated, probably 15 minutes before 10 pm. I'd lost half my consciousness by then so I wasn't really paying attention to time.

The grilled salmon they made was darned good I must say, they managed to grill it such that it's still juicy and the sauce was perfect when mixed with lemon juice. Not convincing eh? Coming from a person who at that time might be thinking that SYUC cafeteria food is the best in the world. =P

Fine fine, my judgement might be clouded by the condition of my stomach.

Next - fireworks!!!

I was getting sprayed with foams left and right though. Still, it wasn't as bad as previous year, or was it?

After that we stopped by at Asia Cafe to grab a drink. Then...... spent our time getting pissed drunk, wasted and complained about our bachelorhood sharpening our reflexes by indulging in activities in which silica circuit boards play a vital role. Mum called me at 5.30 am thinking that I was still stuck in The Curve though. =P

Despite those tiny bits of dissatisfactions, new year's eve celebration had been fun. Last but not least:

Have a great 2007!!

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