Friday, October 27, 2006

Warning, not for faint hearted

Honestly, I don't like to compete. But I'm an ego maniac......

Funny how I don't like competition and yet I have the urge to compare myself with others who are better than me.

I've never felt more contradictory than ever.

I don't enjoy competing and yet I want to be competitive so that I can be better than the rest, and maybe even the best, if possible.

And I feel the frustration more than ever...... I feel out of place...... I feel so unnatural, so hollow...... I don't even know if I'm myself anymore.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Say What?

While I was having afternoon nap, my phone rang.

Me : Hello?

Friend : Hey erm...... do you know what's the formula to find the sector of a circle?

Me : .......................

Thanks for disrupting my nap over something that you've learned in Form 3. Next time you should try this immensely informative website before you ask these simple questions. Trust me, it'll save both you and me a lot of trouble.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hari Raya

It didn't feel like Hari Raya at all. No banners, no discounts, no huge amplifiers blasting Hari Raya songs, only Malays in their traditional outfits...... both male and female.

And that's about it.
Wai Seng, Eugene, Kek Yi, Daniel, Ken Shaun and I went to Jurong Point ( A shopping mall near my uni ) for lunch. Yi Wang preferred wanking than going out with us went to Johor with his family to celebrate Hari Raya. After lunch we went to the cinema to buy tickets, but Rob-B-Hood only had one showtime, which was 9.20 pm.

Since we were bored anyway, we decided that we would come back to Jurong Point for dinner and watch the film after that. So we bought the tickets first and went back to uni.

Before I continue, Rob-B-Hood is a Cantonese film starring Jackie Chan and Louis Khoo. So naturally we would've expected the film to be in Cantonese, but we've forgotten that we're in Singapore...... they freaking DUBBED it into Mandarin!!! MANDARIN!!!

There goes the casualness you get in most cantonese movies...... there goes the jokes that will make you laugh only if it's in cantonese....... and it's awfully awkward to watch Jackie Chan and Louis Khoo NOT speaking in cantonese. Yes, some of the jokes were funny even though it's in Mandarin, but it would've been funnier if it's in Cantonese...... those Singaporeans just don't get it. PUT MANDARIN SUBTITLE IF YOU MUST, DON'T FREAKING DUB IT!!!

At least the show was good, despite in Mandarin...... or I would've taken the 7 SGD and shoved it up cinema manager's ass.

Now then...... I'm very tempted to watch The Prestige. Anyone? =P

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Meet food eat chick

Oh I ate chicks alright...... the drumsticks were good. =P

On the whole the gathering was rather uneventful. We just basically sat there, waited for food to arrive, got tormented by the smell ( when you're VERY hungry, anything goes ) while eagerly waited for the person in charge to tell us to eat.

There were more people there than the amount that King Fei told us to expect. But the male to female ratio was more like 8 to 1. Funny...... last I recalled the ministers reported that the ratio was 1:3 in universities. I can only conclude that the ministers lied because there's no way the girls would be able to resist me to not attend the gathering Perhaps the girls foresaw that most guys would swarm the gathering just so that they could meet more girls.

So yeah, we sat down and started to mingle around. Then Shaun - decided that I could use some fame myself - stood beside me and practically shouted my name in the room while pointing at me. I suspect that he wants an arranged marriage for me now seeing how passive I tend to be.

Nothing happened though, everyone was just stunned for that few seconds and went back to their own conversations. At least I know I won't get any extra stalkers.

We left earlier because Shaun and Teng Ean wanted to study and get their projects done. I got to know a few people here and there, mostly through Shaun or King Fei. Oh well......

Sunday, October 22, 2006

When they care a tad bit too much

There'll be a meet-food-eat-chick session tomorrow, and it better be worth the $3.50 that I paid for. Not expecting too much, just 10 hot chicks' phone numbers as long as the food is good. At least Shawn and Teng Ian won't be insinuating things during the gathering because Yoke Hwa won't be there.

They seem to be more excited about me meeting girls than myself. To a certain extent, they're like parents who suspect their children are homosexual and are extremely relieved to be proven wrong. I have an uneasy feeling that they will secretly plan a marriage date for me when I do have a girlfriend. They'll probably giggle like those aunties in chinese shows - when their nephew/niece is getting married, as though the nephew/niece is their only child - while deciding the most auspicious date for the marriage.

I don't even know if I should be happy about that......

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hall 6 Idol?

Was in my room doing my homework when all of a sudden I heard frogs croaking people singing. Apparently Singapore Idol is pretty much a craze here until Hall 6 decided to have one of its own. The audience (Read : Residents) however, weren't as thrilled....... most of us, at least.

I was never a big fan of Malaysian Idol so I didn't see a point to go down to the concourse and join the crowd. Furthermore I still had not finished my tutorials. However, I still had the privilege of listening to the songs...... no thanks to the humungous amplifiers.

The croaking singing initially was quite fine, though there were a few occasions in which the singers went off-tune. No big deal....... just a bunch of amatuers having fun. My roommate, Shawn, was groaning though because he couldn't sleep with all the noise outside.

I continued with my tutorial and Shawn, who obviously realised that he wouldn't be getting any sleep anyway, studied for his quiz.

Next thing we knew, some guy screamed as though he was being raped by an old lady. My superb ninja skills and spider sense curiousity kicked in and I leapt out through the window to save the hysteria stricken rape victim went out to have a look. The voice belonged to a guy who, for some reason, thought he was one of the Bee Gees and sang the song at the highest pitch possible. Unfortunately for us, he sounded like his balls were grabbed tightly by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Shawn almost pissed in his pants, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. One thing's for sure, he'd still be able to sleep after the ordeal because he's too tired...... I on the other hand......

Now I'm blasting my Ipod to minimize the effect....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yes, I'm bored...

Signs of haze getting REALLY bad :

  1. Smokers no longer spend money on cigarettes, they just sit outside for one good hour and take deep breaths.
  2. You're search frantically for the theme park, at the same time wondering why it is so hot in your jacket.
  3. Your roommate enters the room and you wonder if he's hiding a smoked BBQ pigeon under his clothes.
  4. Fire alarm goes off every 5 minutes and nobody seems to care.
  5. You take a bath, comes out of the bathroom and immediately goes back into the bathroom to bathe again.
  6. Everyday you see dead birds all over the ground where a tree is nearby.
These are probably the signs you observe when you're either in Malaysia or Singapore. I shudder at the things that I might be seeing in Indonesia.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Apparently I can have a whole loaf of bread and peanut butter as lunch and dinner if I want to.

Apparently I can subconsciously make whoever's chatting with me through MSN to imagine me wearing the tulan expression.

Apparently replying to a nudge on MSN with a "yes?" can be very fierce, at least if I'm the one who's replying.

Apparently the yellow spot that you see in the picture in my last entry is my urine is part of the pattern on my bedsheet.

Apparently reading crap spewed by Malaysian politicians can be very interesting when you're bored.

It seems that I have Econs CA on Monday, apparently I'm procastinating.

Apparently I haven't revised my Econs, but that doesn't stop me from goofing around.

Did I say Malaysian politics can be hugely entertaining when you're bored?

Apparently I'm bored.

Friday, October 13, 2006

You know that you've gone overboard with your wet dream....

when you wake up only to find that your blanket looks like this:

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Potato Strikes Back

"Darth Potato,it is time."

"Yes Master...."

"Bring the Apple Troopers and Orange Fighters as well,we must wipe out the rebels."

"Yes Master Darth I-Look-Hideous."

"You see,in this integration......the APPLE cannot be integrated with respect to ORANGE.They are,however,linked by POTATO......*insert more absurd analogies involving fruits and vegetables*"

You know you're royally screwed when your math lecturer decides to use fruits and vegetables as analogies to teach integration......TWICE.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Mid Autumn Festival(MAF) would have been a blast if I am not part of the social subcommittee.Most of the time is spent toiling to ensure that the celebration goes smoothly so I don't get to join the celebration. =(

But I have no qualms,not when I see the smiles of my very own hall people and also some post MAF events which are exclusive to the committee.

Some background before I continue......there is a pond in my hall compound.The infamous "ponding" sessions take place here.In case you're wondering,ponding means throwing your friend into the pond.Now I must say that the pond isn't exactly where you will want to be under any circumstances,unless you have to choose between septic tank and the pond.

I am supposed to be one of the ponding victims that night but my superb ninja skill allows me to blend into the night and they can't find me.Let's just say that they've ponded everyone else other than me. ;)

On a totally unrelated note,I have been under Hsueh Ming's narcissist list for quite some time and I feel obliged to live up to his expectation,albeit not much.

Obviously I'm second to none when it comes to looks,I bet all the girls are falling left and right now after they've seen this picture. That's me with my new specs and short hair if you haven't already noticed.

New age what could this sophisticated product be??

A PAIL!!!!I wonder what life changing features they've included.....

This however takes the cake.The picture speaks for itself.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Potato theory

A whole week of holiday does De Zien no good.

Well actually it does,but what happens after that may not be as good.

Either way,back in uni and started the second half of my first semester.Nothing fanciful really....apart from the fact that our superb comedian gave his last lecture today.Not that his jokes are absolutely fantastically orgasmically's just that he always tells them with a straight face and we have no idea whether he's seriously joking or jokingly serious.That alone is more than enough to outclass most of the random jokers I meet in my life.

Had my math CA today.Thanks to my prophecy and my superb ninja skills other students from my tutorial group kaypohing,we managed to get the questions and worked out the answers before my tutor came in.Ok,so I didn't exactly tell the rest about my prophecy(apart from Yi Wang) prior to the CA,but it doesn't stop me from taking the credits either. =P

The shocker came during Math lecture.Our professor used potato as an analogy of differentiation(chain rule).As if that wasn't bad enough,he went on to use the potato analogy on INTEGRATION.God knows if he has fetish for potatos.

"You differentiate the outer part of the equation before you proceed to the inner part,just like you're peeling potato layer by layer."
"For integration using substitution method,you replace the potato into 'u' now is the potato"

I won't be surprised if he decides to take over the world with his lunatic potato army some day.

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