Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tasmania - Launceston

Oh lord... I still have yet to finish blogging about the trip to Australia. Time to get the Tasmania portion done and then there'll only be Sydney left!

Alright, so on the 4th day morning we left Bicheno, the Super Dead Town™, and drove to Launceston - the other bigger town in Tasmania. We spent almost the entire morning and half of the afternoon driving before arriving in Launceston.

On the whole, in Tasmania, we generally see older buildings being maintained and used as shop lots, unlike Melbourne and Sydney.

What's interesting was that they have these road side cafe layout that gave out a quaint and relaxing feel, rather than our usual mamak-overly-casual style that we could usually find in Malaysia:
If not for the freezing condition I wouldn't mind sitting there and get a cup of coffee.

We went into the Old Umbrella Shop and saw the evolution of umbrella since its inception:

By the time we came out and explored the town a bit more, dusk came and we were greeted with this magnificent sight:

Such pretty colours, makes me appreciate dusk even more than ever.

The next day we went to Sheffield, the mural town. Back in the 1980s, Sheffield was facing a rural decline and the local community were desperate bring the town back to life again. They then decided to embark on a project to paint murals around the town as a form of attraction to people visiting. The first mural being commissioned was one painted by Gustav Weindorfer:
The first ever mural!!

It's interesting to see all these murals on virtually every wall in the town, and all of them were nicely done too.
And not all the murals were on the wall too!

Us being us, we fooled around as usual:

And we don't limit ourselves to murals on the wall.

Our next destination:

Let's just say that we felt extremely cheated by the word 'longest'. We were half expecting the chairlift to bring us to the top of a hill, what happened instead was we were brought to a platform on the same level on the other side and we had to climb the hill ourselves.
Regardless, we always SMILE for the camera. =D
Legs dangling in the air.
The recently graduated ones.

We cooked dinner for the night!!

Dinner for the night - well done steak, coleslaw, mushroom soup and apple... a satisfying meal. =)

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