Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CNY, recess and then 1 week of hell

Let me start with a Gong Xi Fa Cai!! And an angpow na lai!! =P

Lots of changes have taken place in Kuantan, the place is slowly turning into city. The facet of the town is slowly fading away as more and more new buildings are erected.

To make things even more nostalgic for me, the house where I celebrated CNY in for the past 18 years is being taken down now. All those times, eating together in the kitchen; playing Saidina, tortoise, congkak and tinkering with the safe box in the reading room; playing with firecrackers at the porch; radio in the reading room playing CNY songs every morning; watching TV together while munching keropok, dried cuttlefish and cookies; all the sweets and cookies on the table at the living room(not so much of a room, more like a space) downstairs; poking fun at each other with cousins; running to the playground nearby in the evening and climbed the "giant caterpillar"; drinking longan juice at night...... all in that house, now remain as memories permenantly etched in my mind. Memories that I cherish, memories that I don't want to forget, ever.

And now, on the fourth day of CNY, I'm back in Singapore. NTU can definitely learn a lesson or two from NUS...... rather than having 3 schooling days in between the CNY break and recess week, they should've just joined them. No thanks to that, I have to rush back here to Singapore and then back to Malaysia again on coming Friday.

After recess it'll be a week of hell for me - 5 quizzes, 1 lab report and 1 writing assignment due on that week. That's what 9 modules does to you. This will definitely be the last time I take 9 modules. So much stress that I'll come out as an old hunchbacked cripple man once this semester ends and I'll be celebrating my 80th birthday this year instead. Perhaps the path to eternally zombified ninjahood is worth considering after all.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Goddess of Beauty

The unrivalled Mother Nature!!

Next on my wishlist : DSLR camera, W810i is simply not good enough to take these breathtaking scenes in their full glory.

Now you know what to get for my next birthday present.

To those who are horny and more excited about me getting girlfriend than I am curious(I know you're not, but I'll pretend that you are anyway), I've spent my Valentine's having mini diarrhea and studying for my quiz.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Night Cycling

A very good experience I say, though I don't really like getting speed restrictions. Shaun and Teng Ean are probably thinking of the same thing too.

This year's Night Cycling theme is...... Love Bite Bike! We are told that we will pass by the Registration of Marriage building but it seems that they've failed to mention that when we do so.

We start off at 11pm from the carpark of Hall 6 in NTU and cruise our way to Pioneer Highway. We have to keep to the first lane on the left most of the time to ensure that no traffic accident will happen. The commitee members keep reminding us to stay in that lane. Our first official stop is at McD, where we have our supper. Suffice to say that we'd rather be on our beds snoring away than on our bikes after supper. However, we're on a mission to chase the leng luis on bikes we are determined not to put the money we've used to rent the bikes and helmets into waste so we continued.

The night sceneries in Singapore are fantastic. Here I'll let the pictures do the talking. Fort Canning!!

Singapore Stadium!!

Finally, our destination - ECP!!

And of course, the one thing that we come for:


Shaun's front tyre burst while he is cycling at full speed in ECP so he's experiencing more pain than usual on his thighs and groin. Let's pray that he'll be able to celebrate Father's Day after this.

All in all it's a good experience. The 14 SGD is well spent.

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