Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Stop over think things.

Stop giving excuses.

Stop procrastinating.

Stop perpetuating those useless negative thoughts.

Stop fearing.

Just stop...

Because it's absolutely important that I stay positive now. It's time to find the best of myself, accept it, and become better.

Because I realize nothing is permanent, nor will the people around me be around forever. I couldn't appreciate this fact back then, probably still haven't fully appreciate it now, but the weight of the words are starting to have an effect on me.

For all I know, this might even be my last chance.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

7 days at a glance

Day 49, 7th April:
Night time is the time I do my laundry...

Day 50, 8th April:
A little greeting from this insect harboring itself at my vanity shelf. I used the word vanity for lack of better word. =P

Day 51, 9th April:
The night before me departing back to Kuala Lumpur. Had a small birthday celebration for Wai Seng, and this was our dessert - Yogurts of some flavours that I have absolutely no clue about + fruit loops + honey stars + some chocolate cereal. Tastes strange... in a good way. =P

Day 52, 10th April:
Spent the WHOLE day just to get back to KL from Singapore. I absolutely didn't expect that there would be so many people going back through Larkin. Arrived at Kranji station at 9am, I was quite confident that I would reach Larkin at around 10am and be at home at about 2pm. Oh how wrong I was... the queue was unbelievably long... so long that the queue could cover the perimeter of the MRT station. Nevermind, I should reach Larkin at about 10.30am the latest.

I was wrong again. The frequency of the bus was so horribly low that I spent a good 45 minutes stuck in the line before I actually boarded the bus. Still, it's just 9.45am, I should still be able to make it to Larkin before 11am.

Little did I know that's just the beginning of the agonizing long wait that I would have to endure just so I could start my journey back to KL from Larkin. What followed was an excruciatingly long wait at Singapore custom just to board the bus, and then got stuck in a traffic jam at the Causeway bridge. By the time I reached the brand new Johor Bahru custom, it was already 12pm! So much for reaching Larkin at 11am. Now I was praying hard that I could at least reach home before the sun set.

JB custom was flooded with people anxious to go to Malaysia - another half an hour burned. At this point, any hope of reaching home before the sun set was virtually destroyed. Nevermind, I wasn't going to turn back at this point now that I've come this far. I reached Larkin at 1pm, had my lunch and boarded the 1.30pm bus. In the end I reached Pudu Raya at 6.30pm. That was how I spent my Friday, all because I've decided to go back last minute. No more last minute rash decision of going back like this... ever!! That said, I must thank my traveling partner who endured the 2 hours painful long wait between Singapore custom and JB custom with me. Thanks, even though you're not reading my blog.

Went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner and they were having figure skating competition. I repeat: TELEPHOTO LENS BADLY NEEDED =(.

While I was at home, I realised that my beloved A350 somewhat kaput-ed. =(

So no camera for me until it is repaired. =((

And no photos for 11th and 12th April. But to make it up... I'll post more photos for 10th April. =P

So what was I doing in Pyramid?
Dinner in Sushi Zanmai!! Spider Temaki hohohohohohohohoho....

I can't get enough of Inari Tuna. Give me Inari Tuna anytime!! Yeah I have a sort of weird taste to like this kind of sushi. =P

Dragon Row and some sushi set that was under promotion. Don't remember the name. Nothing spectacular... edible... can pass...

Capped off the night with playing wireless flash in my room.

Saturday was spent playing with wireless flash as well but the pictures are not with me. I think I'm starting to get addicted to wireless flash. =S

Came back to Singapore on Sunday. A very tiring weekend. And stupid me for not bringing back earphones...

Day 55, 13th April:
Exam nights in NTU. Studious students stroll back after a day of struggling with studies. Taken using my phone. And it's going to be this way until I get back my A350.

Phew... long entry.

Good luck to the exam takers. =P

Monday, April 06, 2009

Obviously Awesome's Sufficient In Showing...

just how breathtaking the concert was, or was it?

Awesome... couldn't even begin to describe it. The elation I felt throughout the concert was so immense that it overwhelmed me... words were beyond me then. Although at the end of the concert, my hearing was compromised for a while(my brother's words came into mind: Why pay so much to inflict permanent minor ear damage on yourself?), my legs were so worn out that I would've crumbled if anyone so much as nudged my knees a little, my throat was burning, my wallet had a big hole in it, I was in cloud nine. And I believed that everyone who was at the concert would have felt the same. Evidence of Don't-Look-Back-In-Anger-Hangover® was apparent as I heard people still singing it out loud even long after the concert had ended.

Without further ado... pictures!! Taken using Jacqueline's camera. =)
Liam and Noel Gallagher - the lead singer and the lead guitarist. The crowd went nuts when Oasis came up the stage.

Gem Archer and Andy Bell - the rhythm guitarist and the bassist. The drummer Chris Sharrock took the stage later.

In the beginning, they were playing mostly songs from their new album - The Shock Of Lightning. The crowd wasn't that familiar with their newer songs so it took a while for us to warm up.

And then they played Wonderwall. Everything was set loose as the familiar tune kicked in. The very scene of the whole stadium singing as a whole along with Liam sent shivers down my spine. To watch it in video is one thing, to be there experiencing it is another whole new level. From time to time as they played the familiar tunes - Morning Glory, Lyla, The Importance of Being Idle... the crowd serenaded along. But none could compare to Wonderwall... until Liam left the stage and Noel took over the stage as lead singer, and sang:
Don't Look Back In Anger!! In Jacqueline's words: The crowd went ballistic!! Everyone sang at the top of their very own voices. Noel could just stop singing and we would not miss the beat at all, and he actually stopped at the end and let the crowd take over the final few lines before he sang them!!

We managed to find time to camwhore a bit in between too. =P

They ended their gig with I Am The Walrus... Liam walked over to our side and stood there after he finished singing while letting Chris work the crowd with his highly energetic drumworks. Chris' final climatic drumworks marked the end of the concert, leaving the crowd wanting more.

Bloody awesome concert!! And that's an understatement.

Before I conclude this entry, here's the accoustic version of Don't Look Back In Anger, wonderfully done by Noel:

Day 47, 5th April:
Someone felt compelled to cover Liam's crotch area while I was taking the photo.

Day 48, 6th April:
Aftermath of Oasis concert - my bleeding wallet and having to resort to instant noodles for meals. =P

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Can't wait!!! =D
Day 46, 4th April:
A youth percussion band - Strikeforce performing for Easter Celebration. It's a whole load of fun watching them perform, the fact that the music they play had a distinctive samba feel to it made it all the more playful and cheeky. Suk Kwan told me that they've performed in last year's NDP, which I happened to watch. Too bad I won't get to watch them perform in NDP this year.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


De Zien - says:
*u sound like u have something to say to me

Anthony says:
*i dun:P

De Zien - says:

Anthony says:
*i learn from the master

De Zien - says:
*X doesn't lame ppl that way

Anthony says:
*no, he doesnt

De Zien - says:
*so saying that u learn from the master is evidently inaccurate
*because the master doesn't do it that way

Anthony says:
*the master i learnt from isnt X

De Zien - says:
*no Y doesn't do that either

Anthony says:
*he does it better than either of them

De Zien - says:
*then i must shake his hand
*and salute to him
*pray tell
*who is this lame meister

Anthony says:
*he is not easily seen
*you need special tooks

De Zien - says:

Anthony says:
*a mirror

De Zien - says:
*gosh it IS very hard
*how am i supposed to shake his hand and salute to him WHILE i'm holding the mirror?

Anthony says:
*he's doesn't do handshakes

De Zien - says:
*he doesn't?
*what a haughty fellow
*i dun wanna see him liao

Anthony says:
*enough laaaaaaaaaaaaa

Some names have been changed to preserve their identity and subsequently, their reputation. I know mine has been ruined long long time ago. =P
Day 45, 3rd April:
A small little gift... and I gobbled up most of them in the short span of 10 minutes. Now the only things left are a packet of instant noodle, a packet of milo 3-in-1 and a packet of coffee powder. Thanks for the gift!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

April's Fool...

passed by uneventfully.

The rain complemented this gloomy period...
Day 43, 1st April:
It was raining... but the mood couldn't have been better for some Jazz tunes (yes it's slowly turning into an addiction now). Shame that the room itself didn't have the atmosphere that matched the Jazz tunes so I have to settle with this photo instead. It was taken after the rain stopped, droplets freshly deposited on the leaves, the only evidence left of the rain.

Day 44, 2nd April:
I was emo-ing and wanted to slit my wrist but was too stupid to realize I WASN'T slitting my wrist... Got cut while I was frantically keeping my laundry right before the rain got heavy. I think the only way I won't get such silly injuries is to not move at all for the rest of my life. Ouch!!

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