Sunday, September 26, 2010


I forget why I lug my big bag with my camera gears in it and run around.

Ever since I've graduated, I found myself being caught up in life until I've forgotten why I started doing some things in the first place. Photography is one of them:

But looking at these photos, and all the photos I've taken previously, I am reminded why I fell in love with photography in the first place. It's the stories that the photos paint, the emotions that the photos bring out, and the beauty in each and every one of them that makes me personally attached to them.

Of course, ultimately, I want to travel and go to beautiful places, to places with interesting culture, be it metropolitan city, be it secluded rural village, be it a no-man's land and capture the sceneries and cultures in their purest form. To do that, I'll need to become better and better in photography. It's my dream, and from today onwards, I pledge to devote and commit myself to this dream,
because why limit ourselves when sky's the limit?

And here I share my dreams with you fellow readers... if you see the panel on the right, you'll find currently it's filled with 2 different locations in the world. In due time you'll see the list getting longer and longer, and one by one, I WILL go to these places and experience them in their entirety, and bring them back to you through my photographs. This, my friend, is my promise to you. Until then... I'll see you again. =)

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