Friday, August 27, 2010

Tasmania - Hobart

There were some changes made to our air ticket to Tasmania and we ended up spending the whole night in Melbourne airport.

It's like one of those things that you must do when traveling with a bunch of friends, cliched as it may seem. We woke up at around 4.30am, groggily walked to the check-in counter and waited to board the 6am flight.

By the time we reached Hobart at 7.15am, we were so sleep deprived that we almost wanted to throw ourselves on our beds and sleep after checking in to our backpacker hostel. Nevertheless, we persevered and took bath to freshen up. Little did we know that the bathing woke us up even more than we expected: You see, the hostel was using a centralised water heating system so when 2 or more people bathed at the same time, there would not be enough hot water and instead of getting a constant stream of hot water, we had to jump in and out of the stream whenever the water turned cold unexpectedly. It's like fencing with the water, and boy did that wake me up.

After our breakfast, we went to Richmond. It's a small town that housed the oldest bridge in Australia - the Richmond Bridge.

Just like any other stone bridge.

Truth to be told, that was about the only attraction the town had but there were some ducks:

We fed the ducks.
But Elaine couldn't resist.

After that we explored the town, figuring how ridiculous it would've been if the town only had bridge and ducks as attractions. We weren't disappointed:

We found a Hobart town model which showcased how Hobart was like when it was first established many umpteen years ago. To keep us interested, they made a treasure hunt game and had us looking high and low for some of the things that the miniature people were doing:

Like falling off from a tree:

Hiding behind the haystack and kissing:

And this was how their public toilet look like:

That said the sanitary condition of the toilet was still MILES better than the ones you could find in Malaysia, though you'd probably freeze your ass using it during winter. If there's anything I learned throughout this trip, is that warmth is severely under appreciated by people who are from tropical countries.

Eventually we made our way back to Hobart and had awesome dinner in Balls and Chain:

The free flow salad bar - taking care of your tummy should you find that the main course is not sufficient.

Steak and wine to end the day - perfect!

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