Sunday, September 19, 2010


The last series of our trip in Australia!!
Due to the lengthen time we spent in Tasmania, we ended up with only 2 days in Sydney. 2 days... 2 DAYS!! Not enough, definitely not enough in hindsight.

Moving on, we flew from Launceston to Sydney in the afternoon. A kid was making such a ruckus in the plane that all of us felt like just going up to the kid and slap him for being such a nuisance. That's one full hour of ruckus being made by the kid and it really irritated all of us because we badly needed to nap.

After arriving in the airport, we took a taxi to Richard's place. Then Richard brought us for some light snacks before we went out together to meet Adam for dinner.

Japanese food for dinner!!The restaurant was operated by Japanese and the food was authentic Japanese. Loved their ramen!

Boys spotted: Adam, Yi Wang, Richard and Dee

Full and happy, we went out for a walk at Darling Harbour before we watched our first ever musical broadway performance(well, about half of us actually since Yi Wang and Yen Ping have watched some Disney musical before).
wicked musical Pictures, Images and Photos
Wicked the Musical.

Wicked told the story from the witch's point of view in Wizard of Oz, giving background to all the other characters and most importantly, why the witch did what she did. It was a brand new experience for me and I enjoyed EVERY single minute of it. The songs were flawless, Glinda was played to perfection (albeit her high pitched voice got a bit annoying at some point) and Elphaba had the most powerful voice among the cast. I would, without a single doubt, watch it again if given the chance. ;)

The next morning, we went to the Sydney Fish Market for some of the freshest and juiciest seafood we've ever tasted:

After that my stomach felt a bit funny but fortunately nothing major in the end. Must've been the amount of raw food that I ingested.

We explored the city and after a fair bit of walking, we went to Lindt to try their chocolate cakes and drinks:

Hot weather + Ice cold drinks = Bliss

Good stuffs!! Price even better!! Then again, it's supposed to be higher end chocolate product outlet, so price was naturally on the higher side. No complaints though, the stuffs were good.

We then did the touristy things:
Sydney Opera House
Harbour Bridge
And a little bit of not-so-touristy things too! =P

Dinner was at Pancake on the Rocks.

Very, very, VERY sinful

Yi Wang with his overly exaggerated hand gestures knocked over a plate that the waitress was holding when she was serving us, thus delaying the arrival of the heavenly sinful chocolate pancake. Obviously we didn't let him forget about it for the following few days. =D

Finally we watched a light show and called it a night:

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