Monday, August 31, 2009

A month that has been...

First and foremost, a happy belated birthday to Yi Wang and Shaun!

The birthday boys!!

Wishing you two a smooth year ahead and getting what both of you want. =D
Speaking of birthdays, how can I miss out the other important birthday? Happy birthday Malaysia!!

The Lao Jiaos who gave us the best sketch performance we have ever seen, making their final Bang before leaving NTU.

Thanks Elaine and Sein Chyi for cheering me up that day.
MAE Club Election has officially ended yesterday night after the vote recounting session. Here I would like to thank everyone who helped out and to the MAE Club 28th Management Committee, all the best!!

Now it's time to take a step forward...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

10th August 2009

And I'm 22 years old... grown old, but not grown up.
Thanks guys!!

Very apt of them to get Tom and Jerry cakes for me. =P

It's my final year celebrating my birthday in NTU. If anything this is probably the last time so many people celebrated my birthday for me, because as we know, by August 2010, most of us here would be out of NTU, probably busy working. Everyone would have his or her own commitments.

I never wanted that night to end, I never wanted the next day to end as well... because that night and the next day are reminders of how many people loved me as a friend despite all the troubles I have brought them, despite all my flaws, despite what an ass I could be at times. For that, I couldn't thank you enough.

It's probably very silly of me to ask for all of us to stay close because let's face it, in the future we will have our own commitments, we will have our other halves, we will have other more important people in our lives if we haven't already have them now... so all I will ask for is this: for us to come out together from time to time and meet up and for us to always keep in touch.

As for me? I will cherish that picture above... because for all I know, it might just be the last one we all take a photo like that.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I'll freely admit: This holiday hasn't been a happy one.

Face hidden to avoid potentially traumatizing graphic

And it was a tough period to go through as well.

I was lost, I was scared, I was lonely. I didn't expect it to be so fast... probably because I wasn't there most of the time to witness it.

I am not the most expressive person, nor am I talkative, in hindsight perhaps I should be.

I want him to watch me graduate, I want him to watch me setting up my own family, I want him to grow old with mum, I want to sit with him and laugh about how much of a nuisance I was when I was a baby, I want him to watch both his boys succeed in life and know that we couldn't ask for a better father.

Alas, the final moment came as swiftly as it went.

I will remember all the promises I've made to you, I will treasure every little thing you've done for me, I will remember what you've said to me and I will always be proud of you.

Goodbye my one and only father.

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