Saturday, September 25, 2010

Like all good things, the trip in Australia had to come to an end too.

Naturally, we just couldn't let it go without making the final bang - we just had to go to Melbourne city one last time before departing from Melbourne to go back to Malaysia.

Once we touched down in Melbourne from Sydney in late afternoon, we took a bus into Melbourne city with our luggages and dropped our luggages in Pinky's room. Pinky had to meet her friends so we went for dinner ourselves:
Spring roll
Elaine's seal of approval™

After dinner we walked around in the city and immersed ourselves in the night city scenery.

And there was fire show at Crown Casino!!

Feel the heat!

Well, some warmth in the winter always welcomed. Once the fire show ended we went to a local bar and watched live performance:

Elaine and Pinky

After the tiring but satisfying trip to the city, we hurried back to the airport:
and then made our way back to Malaysia.

So guys, when's our next trip? =P

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