Monday, September 20, 2010

Sydney 2

Among the things we can't miss in Sydney, we were told, is Bondi Beach. And among the things in Bondi Beach that we can't miss, we were told, is a small restaurant called Hurricane.

Good food + potentially lots of pretty girls in skimpy clothing, do we really need any other reason to go there?
And so we set off!

Once again, we were told that the whole journey(from Richard's place to Bondi Beach) would take approximately 3 hours to walk. What we weren't told was that the time estimation was based on Australian walking pace... which was FAR slower than the walking pace in Singapore. Anticipating that it would take THAT long to reach Bondi Beach, we stopped a while to rest.
Apart from 1 girl who seem to have a knack to camwhore.

After about 1 hour plus since we started our journey, we made the second pit stop. Then some wireless flash goodness kicked in:
When 2 people emo, the emo doubles

With about 2 more hours to go before we could reach Bondi Beach(or so we thought), we decided that time was running out and took cab right away to city. Here in comes a shock: cab fare was crazy expensive in Sydney and the meter jumps like literally every 5 seconds!! We were eye-ing the meter nervously whenever the cab stopped at a traffic light, using all our might to will the traffic lights to turn green.

It took forever to reach city and after we hopped off the cab, we went to Paddy's Market! It's similar to Victoria Market in the sense that it offered a wide variety of things ranging from food to souvenirs.

Glasses too!

We then went to another side of the city and got another view of both Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Needless to say, mischief always prevailed:

After that we met up with Richard and Adam for dinner. Now remember just now I talked about Bondi Beach being 3 hours walk away from Richard's place? Turned out we were just about half an hour away from it when we were at the second pit stop!! HALF AN HOUR!! I demand my Hurricane and scantily dressed beach girls!!RAWR!!

*cough* Anywayyyy, for dinner, we went to Lowenbrau.
First there was pork knuckle.
Then there were beers.
Finally there was fun.

Alas, all the good times had to end - that night was our final night in Sydney, and as much as we loved it, we couldn't get enough of it. This would not be the last time, Sydney. ;)

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