Thursday, September 21, 2006

Goodbye Highbury

Picture taken from Arseblog.

Monday, September 18, 2006



Arsenal has dominated the game and grabbed their much deserved first EPL victory.

It can't get any better than this...grabbing our first victory and smashing our close rival's 100% victory record.A huge ego booster for Arsenal.

Credits to Fabregas with his superb set up,Adebayor for once(fortunately,or unfortunately) able to finish an important goal and also Lehmann for his incredible saves(notably so when he stops Ole's and Brown's attempts).Of course,the rest are equally worth praising for their relentless efforts.

Rosicky is very hardworking and threatening.Eboue,Djourou,Toure and Gallas for their great defence.And the whole team for their superb coordination.

It is a good game and Manchester United put up a good fight as well.

Now things look much better for Arsenal,but not so good for me though....still haven't finished my math tutorial. =P

Off to bed,I'll just wake up at 5 and finish my tutorial...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Clashes of the titans

Ah...the long awaited clashes of the titans in EPL:

Arsenal vs Manchester United
Liverpool vs Chelsea

Arsenal and Liverpool will be the underdogs in these 2 clashes.No surprise there really,things aren't really going in our favour lately.

Arsenal - 2 points in 3 matches,the worst EPL campaign start that Arsene Wenger has during his years in Arsenal.The only consolation we have is that we're still doing fine in ECL.The fact that Giggs is out of action also makes things favourable for us,but it might be offset by the possibility of Van Persie and Henry not being able to join us tonight.Perhaps Adebayor will miraculously become our finisher and score a hat trick,or Julio Baptista samba his way into Manchester's net(with the ball one cares if you decide to dance around aimlessly if you're not holding the ball...your teammates and fans might decide to throw pizza at you but that's beside the point),tricking everyone along the way....I can only hope.

Liverpool - 3-0 loss to Everton is really a big tight slap in Liverpool's face,a real ego demolisher(Hsueh Ming don't kill me for bringing this up =P).A draw with PSV may serve as a slight confidence booster for them,and also the fact that Chelsea isn't really in their top form lately.

May the underdogs win tonight in their respective matches.

In honour of the striker that we hate to see most in the field against us prior to his departure from Manchester United:
Perfect timing seeing that tonight is the first clash between us and Manchester after his departure.Enjoy.

(PS: No Ruud is harmed in the process of making of the page)

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Took the CA(continual assessment,something like a quiz....difference is it contributes to my final results) for Material Science yesterday.70%.....ok lah....there's still 1 more CA to improve the situation. =P

Well,I've just received an email from the MAE(Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) Publication director regarding the upcoming tasks.Next Tuesday there'll be a meeting to decide who become what....either designer,writer or photographer for the magazines.

Thursday evening is going to be the subcom night and we're required to do a coverage on that as well.Although it's not explicitly stated,but I suppose it's hinted that attendance is compulsory for us.Not complaining here,I'm going to get free food and know more chi...forget the latter part.

That aside I also have another task at hand now....actually 2.One is to study Life Sciences for my upcoming CA and the brainstorm events for the Mid-Autumn Festival in my Hall of Residence.

What's Mid-Autumn Festival?Mooncake Festival lah.I thought only Malaysians and Mainland Chinese(though inevitably in Mainland Chinese case) are notorious for direct literal translation from Mandarin to English,apparently Singaporeans aren't really that far behind us in this department.Well at least their literal translation doesn't sound Beng-ish or as absurdly hilarious as the translation that Mainland Chinese does....

In fact it sounds so much more sophisticated than Mooncake Festival.First time I heard it,I thought it has something to do with Autumn season...probably celebrated by Westerners/Mainland Chinese/Japanese/Korean and everyone else decides to jump the bandwagon(Halloween and Christmas anyone?).And frankly I would've given him/her a blank stare should an ang mor approach me and ask me,"What do you Chinese do on Mid-Autumn Festival?" followed by,"Why ask me?Isn't this you ang mors' festive season?".

Perhaps they're doing this direct literal translation for the sake of Mainland Chinese.

Serve Noon Festival and Clean Stuffy Day anyone?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nature of Malaysians

All talk and no action makes Malaysia lack its competence.

Seriously,how many times do we have to bring that up?
Non-bumis are not satisfied because they contribute most of the government tax while bumis are ripping most of the gains(well actually,rich bumis with connections who abuse the loopholes in the system).Bumis unwilling to budge because they're too comfortable with this system.Nothing gets done,after that things quiet down for a while until some joker comes along his merry way and decides to play racial card.Then we have the whole cycle again.What's the whole point of the debate if VIABLE solutions are not offered?

Sure,the system should be restructured to help ALL the poors instead of getting abused by certain parties.But how?That's where we all stop short.Rather than sitting behind your monitor and debate endlessly,knowing that it wouldn't change the situation much,why not do something that WILL actually change the situation?

Unless of course,your sole purpose of doing that is showing other netizens how intelligent you are.If that's the case,go and get laid.Oh wait,on second thought,better not,I'm afraid you'll only produce offsprings who are exactly like you.Here's a better suggestion,go and get vasectomy done for the better of mankind.We don't need "intelligent" whiners like you who refuse to suggest any viable solution.

I believe that most of the young adults in Malaysia do not bother to vote.So......why are they complaining when they could not even care less about the basic right that a citizen has?

You do not deserve any right if you're not going to use it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well,the second level is more like a shopping mall than Pasar Malam(status upgrade as the level gets higher?Will I get a shopping mall at third level then?)Anyway,the shop spaces are more well defined and the vendors can't be bothered to get any speakers(means no more horribly made dance music assaulting my ears,yay!!) .There are lots of manicure shops at this level,and we saw one MAN getting his nails done.He HAS to be one of those on the verge of turning gay.And look what I've found....
Dildos anyone?

This shop is just like "I Need House" in Sunway Pyramid.Anyway,we leave the high class Pasar Malam and proceed to another mall,a real shopping mall,with an interesting concept in its architecture.

It feels like we're walking in the streets back in the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka era,minus the fact that people here aren't dressed like the people in those days.There are stalls set up in the middle of the path as you can see in the few pictures above.And one particularly deserved mentioning - the stall name is "Deceptive Wires",guess what the stall sells......KEY CHAINS!Deceptive indeed,we're fooled by the name.I'm so gonna say this everytime I buy a new key chain,"Yo wassup my man,check out my new bling-bling deceptive wires!"
Malay Street!!But no Malay restaurants.....where's my nasi lemak!!??


And so we took the MRT from Orchard.

This is where you buy the MRT "touch-n-go" style card.You can get 1 dollar refund when you return the card to the same machine after your journey.
Another view of the MRT station.

And we came to this "pasar".

You see,this "pasar"(or rather,high class pasar malam) is more like an intermediate of Pasar Malam and shopping mall.You do get the best of both worlds.On one hand,you get the comfort(air conditioned and sheltered),neglecting the fact that you have practically no personal space(at least it's better than sharing space with some sweaty ah pak).On the other hand,you get the loudness(in this case,the vendors blasting dance songs on their speakers while in Pasar Malam,it's coming from the vendors themselves).
They even have a second level!!!How's that for a high class Pasar Malam?=P


Yi Wang's friend,Emily,and her family came down to Singapore to visit Cynthia(who is her elder sister and our senior in NTU) yesterday.Naturally being bored and busybody,I've tagged along with them to go to Orchard.

We were supposed to take the 199 bus together before 10.30am but as The Principle of Normal-Students'-Saturday-Wake-Up-Time would have it,we were late.Can't really blame us though,we were happily having this:

2 packets of rice,2 packets of prawn,1 packet of chicken,1 packet of fried crab,1 packet of lamb and 1 more packet of fish(not in the picture) as supper the night before and slept at around 3am.

Nevermind that....Yi Wang,Wai Seng,Cynthia,Gladys and I met up in the bus instead,and took the MRT at Boon Lay to get to Orchard,where we would meet Emily and her parents.What I didn't expect was the torment I had to go through before we found Emily - walking around the foodcourt in an empty stomach.When you're hungry,anything that doesn't smell like garbage is an aroma.

Their foodcourts are nowhere near the medans we have in Malaysia.You would never thought you're in a foodcourt in the first place if they didn't put the big flashing neon sign that screams "I'm a freaking foodcourt!!!"(ok they didn't,but it's something along that line).And for those who miss Wai Seng's face:

Shopping spree(more like WINDOW shopping spree) started once we had finished our lunch.When girls are shopping,guys' roles are (a)carry their shopping bags (b)wait for them outside the clothes shop (c)give opinions on the clothes that they try on,only to have the opinions to be ignored.Fortunately we only had to fulfill role (b).The girls didn't buy any clothes because there wasn't any sales going on.(Singapore Grand Sales is an annual event...around June or July,unlike Malaysia Grand Sales)And we were met by this sight when we stepped out of Wisma Atria:

I pity trees that are forced to wear polka dot boxers by some lunatic Japanese artist.Where are the tree huggers when we actually need them?Then again,the lunatic Japanese artist might very well wrap the tree huggers along with the trees.

We proceeded to Bugis for more (window) shopping...which I'll continue in the next post.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Yea I know the title is cliched but since this IS the first post......

This is a short one,I'll post a longer one maybe during the weekend,or tomorrow =P.

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