Monday, March 02, 2009

One week

It feels hassling for me to keep on taking out my CF and upload the pictures into my computer. So I'll do it on a weekly basis... but of course, if you prefer that I do it on a daily basis, feel free to drop me a comment. I don't bite. =)

Day 6:

"Are you looking at me?"

Day 7:

Bench in park... playing with the one-third rule. =P

Ya lar I know lar I cheated... didn't have anything of interest to put for day 6 and day 7 =(.

Day 8:

While waiting for 2 friends in front of NBS office... I lied down and caught this interesting shadow effect. Starburst shadow effect!!

Day 9:

My new bling bling boots that can poke a hole through your stomach protect my feet from all the nails and screws.

Day 10:

Guess where I've been? =D

Day 11:

Lychee Martini + Tobasco Sauce = Going to Heaven

But I wouldn't want to do it again...

A fun and crazy night in Orchard and ended up sleeping at 4.30am.

Day 12:

FOC outing. The best shot I've got throughout the whole day in my opinion. Sebastian helped to fling Ivan over the string.

Will elaborate more on FOC outing some other day. =)


大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

Nice one! Continue your spirit to upload more photos...daily perhaps? haha

Gabriel said...

i actually prefer it to be daily..

oh yea, i started one not long ago too!
Check it out at if you're interested.. =)

Dee said...

Hehehe... finally managed to lure you all out to comment. =P

Thanks for your comments. I'll do it on daily basis then =)

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