Sunday, March 22, 2009

A long looooong day...

Yesterday has been a very long long day. I was out of my room since 10am.

First I was in SMU to have a discussion for an event. The event had to be brought forward due to some unforeseen circumstances but it's no issue for me because I will be around during that period anyway.

It was enlightening to hear a few members talk and I think I'll really like it working with them.

After that was lunch at Tanjung Pagar. It was a very very long lunch, so long that I left the place at 5pm.

Which brings me to MAD - Malaysian Alumni Dinner. It's the first ever held by Malaysians in NTU, initiated by MSA and AMCISA. I was there to help with photo taking:
The emcees.

Cute girl welcoming the guests.

Photographer A Patrick the photographer.

Photographer with Nikon D300.

The receptionists.

Giving speech as...

the crowd listened intently.

Of course there were performances:
Siew Ping the pianist of the day. The pieces performed were Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel(oh sooooooooo cliched) and River Flows In You by Yiruma.

Choir which puts up a very wonderful performance. Love their Malaysian Medley.

The I-have-no-idea-what-instrument-they're-playing trio.

The management committee put up a dance performance to cap off the night.

It has been quite an experience for me to be a photographer of the event. Thanks Patrick for inviting me. =)
Day 32, 21st March:
The I-am-Bobby-Leong story.

I was holding this name card when one of the committee members, Yan Xin, walked over. Upon seeing me holding the card, she scrutinized me and then asked, "Is the name card yours?"

I decided to have some fun with her and said, "Yes indeed... you're looking at Bobby Leong now."

She looked at me in disbelief for a while, unable to believe that the person standing in front of her was a wedding photojournalist(of course, I am not Bobby Leong anyway). She then said, "If you're Bobby, then you must have more name card... can I have one?"

Cue random bullshit which involved me saying that I only have one left and had to resort to taking the photo of my name card in case people want to get more details about me(and I showed her the photo!). Naturally she didn't believe, but from then on I became Bobby Leong. =P

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