Saturday, March 14, 2009

When you...

can freely express what you think and open up to a person whom you've met just twice, you feel good. And I felt bloody good on Thursday. The chat lasted longer than I expected... it helped that we shared some common interests.

A friend made. =)
I'm really sorry that this has happened but for the past few days I was either too busy or too tired to update. I can't make any promise on not repeating this because let's face it, it's still a long while more before 365 days are up and I won't know what's going to happen along the way... I'll try to minimize this as much as possible.

Day 22, 11th March:

We stay hard longer!!! One of those days when I browse through old pictures and I found this. Taken quite some time ago in Holland Village.

Day 23, 12th March:

Crazy day rushing to finish tendering for a project. We were at Marina area to submit tender... this chair is the chair I sat on when I finally could sit down and rest for a while that day. After that went to Tanjung Pagar Railway Station but they didn't have Pisang Goreng anymore by the time we reached. =(

Next time... next time...

Since I've been depriving you guys a little... I figured I'll post 2 pictures for Friday. =P

Day 24, 13th March:

Hello Spidey!! Was midway through a task that required me to stare at a drawing with a blinding array of air ducts when I spotted this little spider running around on the drawing. A nice little distraction.

Performing in an MAE event... "All day long I can hear people talking outloud. But when you hold me near, you drown out the crowd~"

We sang When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating.

Day 25, 14th March:

Editing pictures for family... and realized that this is probably our first actual family portrait that we will consider hanging in our house. Love my family. =)

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