Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jane's Birthday Celebration

Dear Jane:

The following pictures depict what we were doing before we popped by to your room:
Gabriel: Can I not listen? I promise I'll be good boy

Gabriel was covering his ears to block off the voices upon information overload(read: Yi Wang nagging) from his little conference.

Wai Seng and Zhi Sin were totally focused on the game Wai Seng's playing. Iris was doing her assignment.

Yi Wang was telling story about his life giving his valuable opinions in his conference.

Elaine was somehow camera-shy... rare occasion that.

As for me... no cookies for guessing correctly what I was doing. =P

Elaine: Uuuuh... my hair is so beautiful!
The birthday cake - Cookies and Cheese Cake!! Bought from Bakerzin, highly recommended.

Happy Birthday Jane!!
Day 26, 15th March:

A happy Jane after our sort of perfect timing surprise. =P

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