Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A few...

observations I have made:
1) Mosquitoes love me a lot
2) The girls who catch my attention on MRT usually alight at Clementi
3) The older a woman is, the more likely is the woman to wear translucent clothing with spaghetti straps
4) I love jazz genre songs, especially those sang by amorously soothing voices. (Youtube Stacey Kent - So Nice if you want to know what I mean)

Brace for a very long one here...
Day 33, 22nd March:
Fooling around in Patrick's room and ended up being a model for his wireless flash experiment. Credits to Patrick for this nicely taken photo.

Day 34, 23rd March:
A gun!! Nah, it's just a ray gun that is used to measure the temperature of a spot that you can't reach. This is one of the instruments that we used for our project at work. (Yeah, we were that bored at work that we took pictures of our instruments.)

Day 35, 24th March:
The overexposed fish cake. Had lunch at Race Course Road and saw this fish cake at the stall, which smells really really scrumptiously nice. Bought one and ate it... oily to the very core but who cares? It's nice!!

Day 36, 25th March:
MAE Exam Welfare package. Needless to say that's when we would take as many goodie bags as possible from the leftovers. This time we have quite a few nice and handy items in our bags. =D

Day 37, 26th March:
A new member in our arsenal of instrument for our project. Lux-meter they call it, and it's used to measure the light intensity of wherever you are. Not so fun though if you're outdoor and the sun intensity is rising and falling like a wave.

Day 38, 27th March:
Note the time in the picture. Rubbing it in while I still can. Pretty self-explanatory. Anthony probably wanted to strangle me at that point, and possibly at many other moments too throughout this semester. =P

Day 39, 28th March:
Earth Hour! And we were at Jurong Point hanging out. A queer little programming error resulted in the line shown at the display above. Nonetheless it amused the mechatronics geeks who were present. =P

Day 40, 29th March:
Ate a few pieces of Royce chocolate which Patrick helped me to buy while he was in Suntec. Very very good, probably one of the best chocolates I've ever tasted. But I'm having sore throat now. =(

Day 41, 30th March:
More drawings to look at and get confused. Still not as bad as the previous ones I had so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

Day 42, 31st March:
Which brings me to this... currently chugging down the pastiles and the lozenges to soothe my throat. And I'm still spitting blood.

And tomorrow is April's Fool Day. Happy April's Fool Day?

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