Thursday, April 02, 2009

April's Fool...

passed by uneventfully.

The rain complemented this gloomy period...
Day 43, 1st April:
It was raining... but the mood couldn't have been better for some Jazz tunes (yes it's slowly turning into an addiction now). Shame that the room itself didn't have the atmosphere that matched the Jazz tunes so I have to settle with this photo instead. It was taken after the rain stopped, droplets freshly deposited on the leaves, the only evidence left of the rain.

Day 44, 2nd April:
I was emo-ing and wanted to slit my wrist but was too stupid to realize I WASN'T slitting my wrist... Got cut while I was frantically keeping my laundry right before the rain got heavy. I think the only way I won't get such silly injuries is to not move at all for the rest of my life. Ouch!!

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