Thursday, October 26, 2006

Say What?

While I was having afternoon nap, my phone rang.

Me : Hello?

Friend : Hey erm...... do you know what's the formula to find the sector of a circle?

Me : .......................

Thanks for disrupting my nap over something that you've learned in Form 3. Next time you should try this immensely informative website before you ask these simple questions. Trust me, it'll save both you and me a lot of trouble.


Hsueh Ming said...

Been there. Switch phone to silent next time XD

Dee said...

I think I'll just learn from Yi Wang - switch off the phone...... at least I won't come across as being mean =P

Justin Chan said...

if he din know ur sleeping ur cant blame him. if he does then got 2 options:

1. do d same thing nxt time. esepcially when he's super tired wakakaka

2. use every single foul word in every single language u know at him. then politely say goodbye xD

3. off ur phone lor


Dee said...


That's not really the problem. I don't mind if he asks university stuffs. But Form 3 math...... and a formula at that, he could've easily searched for it in the net.

Whether I'm asleep or not, if you're calling me to ask me this kind of question(the kind which you kind easily find out by yourself,and you know it), I will still be annoyed.

I've told him about google and wikipedia btw. =X

Chimpanzee said...

Man... that site is very informative indeed

Dee said...

Chimp: Glad to be able to help XD

Chimpanzee said...

Yea, the standard search engine that i use.. u might have heard of it.. its called google.. quite a popular search engine but it isn't half as good as the one that u gave..

Dee said...

Feel free to spread the link then XD

currynoodles said...

Hahahahahaha... Hilarious. =D

Dee said...


Nice to have you here XD

Ya don't mind if I link your blog? =P

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