Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Meet food eat chick

Oh I ate chicks alright...... the drumsticks were good. =P

On the whole the gathering was rather uneventful. We just basically sat there, waited for food to arrive, got tormented by the smell ( when you're VERY hungry, anything goes ) while eagerly waited for the person in charge to tell us to eat.

There were more people there than the amount that King Fei told us to expect. But the male to female ratio was more like 8 to 1. Funny...... last I recalled the ministers reported that the ratio was 1:3 in universities. I can only conclude that the ministers lied because there's no way the girls would be able to resist me to not attend the gathering Perhaps the girls foresaw that most guys would swarm the gathering just so that they could meet more girls.

So yeah, we sat down and started to mingle around. Then Shaun - decided that I could use some fame myself - stood beside me and practically shouted my name in the room while pointing at me. I suspect that he wants an arranged marriage for me now seeing how passive I tend to be.

Nothing happened though, everyone was just stunned for that few seconds and went back to their own conversations. At least I know I won't get any extra stalkers.

We left earlier because Shaun and Teng Ean wanted to study and get their projects done. I got to know a few people here and there, mostly through Shaun or King Fei. Oh well......

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