Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hari Raya

It didn't feel like Hari Raya at all. No banners, no discounts, no huge amplifiers blasting Hari Raya songs, only Malays in their traditional outfits...... both male and female.

And that's about it.
Wai Seng, Eugene, Kek Yi, Daniel, Ken Shaun and I went to Jurong Point ( A shopping mall near my uni ) for lunch. Yi Wang preferred wanking than going out with us went to Johor with his family to celebrate Hari Raya. After lunch we went to the cinema to buy tickets, but Rob-B-Hood only had one showtime, which was 9.20 pm.

Since we were bored anyway, we decided that we would come back to Jurong Point for dinner and watch the film after that. So we bought the tickets first and went back to uni.

Before I continue, Rob-B-Hood is a Cantonese film starring Jackie Chan and Louis Khoo. So naturally we would've expected the film to be in Cantonese, but we've forgotten that we're in Singapore...... they freaking DUBBED it into Mandarin!!! MANDARIN!!!

There goes the casualness you get in most cantonese movies...... there goes the jokes that will make you laugh only if it's in cantonese....... and it's awfully awkward to watch Jackie Chan and Louis Khoo NOT speaking in cantonese. Yes, some of the jokes were funny even though it's in Mandarin, but it would've been funnier if it's in Cantonese...... those Singaporeans just don't get it. PUT MANDARIN SUBTITLE IF YOU MUST, DON'T FREAKING DUB IT!!!

At least the show was good, despite in Mandarin...... or I would've taken the 7 SGD and shoved it up cinema manager's ass.

Now then...... I'm very tempted to watch The Prestige. Anyone? =P


Chimpanzee said...

Damn sien man stay here.. i need to get out..

Dee said...

Sure...... how about this Saturday? =P

Chimpanzee said...

Noo problem... only life sciences CA the following week.. dun have 2 CAs like this week :Þ

Dee said...

I got Math CA as well next week...... ah heck, integration......

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