Monday, October 02, 2006

Potato theory

A whole week of holiday does De Zien no good.

Well actually it does,but what happens after that may not be as good.

Either way,back in uni and started the second half of my first semester.Nothing fanciful really....apart from the fact that our superb comedian gave his last lecture today.Not that his jokes are absolutely fantastically orgasmically's just that he always tells them with a straight face and we have no idea whether he's seriously joking or jokingly serious.That alone is more than enough to outclass most of the random jokers I meet in my life.

Had my math CA today.Thanks to my prophecy and my superb ninja skills other students from my tutorial group kaypohing,we managed to get the questions and worked out the answers before my tutor came in.Ok,so I didn't exactly tell the rest about my prophecy(apart from Yi Wang) prior to the CA,but it doesn't stop me from taking the credits either. =P

The shocker came during Math lecture.Our professor used potato as an analogy of differentiation(chain rule).As if that wasn't bad enough,he went on to use the potato analogy on INTEGRATION.God knows if he has fetish for potatos.

"You differentiate the outer part of the equation before you proceed to the inner part,just like you're peeling potato layer by layer."
"For integration using substitution method,you replace the potato into 'u' now is the potato"

I won't be surprised if he decides to take over the world with his lunatic potato army some day.


Hsueh Ming said...

Potato roxors. Just had chips and cheese.

Dee said...

Free and smoke free snooker roxors even more

Chimpanzee said...

Free and smoke free snooker roxors even more

Chimpanzee said...

Potatoes.. that day was so sleepy, somemore, he go talk bout potatoes.. it seemed funny at first, but when he mentions it half a thousand times in one class, u'll feel like shuving the potatoes into... nah, nvm...

fox king said...

everytime he mention potato, i have to relate back to the function itself. i know his intention is good to let us remember better, but to me, it just confuse me more.... hence, ZzZzZz

eelinchai said...

haha! potatoes! don't know bout u people in class, but from here, it 's really funnY! XD! nice to meet u, dezien!

Hsueh Ming said...

you guys need to get a new line -.- Alwyas free and smoke free snooker rox or something to that effect. Sigh.

Dee said...

@ chimpanzee
You know what?I shared the same sentiments as yours

@fox king
When he mentioned potato,I was thinking about the pomato joke in FMA

Nice to meet you too =)

@hsueh ming
here's a new line pool pwns 1-pound-3-frames-pool =P

Hsueh Ming said...

Same thing -_-"

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