Saturday, October 07, 2006


Mid Autumn Festival(MAF) would have been a blast if I am not part of the social subcommittee.Most of the time is spent toiling to ensure that the celebration goes smoothly so I don't get to join the celebration. =(

But I have no qualms,not when I see the smiles of my very own hall people and also some post MAF events which are exclusive to the committee.

Some background before I continue......there is a pond in my hall compound.The infamous "ponding" sessions take place here.In case you're wondering,ponding means throwing your friend into the pond.Now I must say that the pond isn't exactly where you will want to be under any circumstances,unless you have to choose between septic tank and the pond.

I am supposed to be one of the ponding victims that night but my superb ninja skill allows me to blend into the night and they can't find me.Let's just say that they've ponded everyone else other than me. ;)

On a totally unrelated note,I have been under Hsueh Ming's narcissist list for quite some time and I feel obliged to live up to his expectation,albeit not much.

Obviously I'm second to none when it comes to looks,I bet all the girls are falling left and right now after they've seen this picture. That's me with my new specs and short hair if you haven't already noticed.

New age what could this sophisticated product be??

A PAIL!!!!I wonder what life changing features they've included.....

This however takes the cake.The picture speaks for itself.


Chimpanzee said...

In case u were all wondering about the positive self talk.. the picture was taken in my room.

The paper was empty, yi wang was demoralizing himself with difficult physics questions, he was pissed he couldn't solve a projectile question.. and he handed me the 'what positive self-talk can you say to yourself?' paper...

Coincidental, and obviously amused, I quickly write the solutions in the positive self-talk section to prevent yi wang from demoralizing himself

Hsueh Ming said...


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