Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hall 6 Idol?

Was in my room doing my homework when all of a sudden I heard frogs croaking people singing. Apparently Singapore Idol is pretty much a craze here until Hall 6 decided to have one of its own. The audience (Read : Residents) however, weren't as thrilled....... most of us, at least.

I was never a big fan of Malaysian Idol so I didn't see a point to go down to the concourse and join the crowd. Furthermore I still had not finished my tutorials. However, I still had the privilege of listening to the songs...... no thanks to the humungous amplifiers.

The croaking singing initially was quite fine, though there were a few occasions in which the singers went off-tune. No big deal....... just a bunch of amatuers having fun. My roommate, Shawn, was groaning though because he couldn't sleep with all the noise outside.

I continued with my tutorial and Shawn, who obviously realised that he wouldn't be getting any sleep anyway, studied for his quiz.

Next thing we knew, some guy screamed as though he was being raped by an old lady. My superb ninja skills and spider sense curiousity kicked in and I leapt out through the window to save the hysteria stricken rape victim went out to have a look. The voice belonged to a guy who, for some reason, thought he was one of the Bee Gees and sang the song at the highest pitch possible. Unfortunately for us, he sounded like his balls were grabbed tightly by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Shawn almost pissed in his pants, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. One thing's for sure, he'd still be able to sleep after the ordeal because he's too tired...... I on the other hand......

Now I'm blasting my Ipod to minimize the effect....


Hsueh Ming said...

Damn XD

Dee said...

The best part is...... the crowd at concourse actually cheered the "Omg-Arnie-grabbed-my-balls" fella.

But now that I read back, it's quite funny XD (syok sendiri mode on) =P

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