Monday, September 18, 2006



Arsenal has dominated the game and grabbed their much deserved first EPL victory.

It can't get any better than this...grabbing our first victory and smashing our close rival's 100% victory record.A huge ego booster for Arsenal.

Credits to Fabregas with his superb set up,Adebayor for once(fortunately,or unfortunately) able to finish an important goal and also Lehmann for his incredible saves(notably so when he stops Ole's and Brown's attempts).Of course,the rest are equally worth praising for their relentless efforts.

Rosicky is very hardworking and threatening.Eboue,Djourou,Toure and Gallas for their great defence.And the whole team for their superb coordination.

It is a good game and Manchester United put up a good fight as well.

Now things look much better for Arsenal,but not so good for me though....still haven't finished my math tutorial. =P

Off to bed,I'll just wake up at 5 and finish my tutorial...

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Hsueh Ming said...


At least United lost though. If liv can win against newcastle we'll be only 5 points behind.

But its starting to look like a big if.

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