Sunday, September 10, 2006


And so we took the MRT from Orchard.

This is where you buy the MRT "touch-n-go" style card.You can get 1 dollar refund when you return the card to the same machine after your journey.
Another view of the MRT station.

And we came to this "pasar".

You see,this "pasar"(or rather,high class pasar malam) is more like an intermediate of Pasar Malam and shopping mall.You do get the best of both worlds.On one hand,you get the comfort(air conditioned and sheltered),neglecting the fact that you have practically no personal space(at least it's better than sharing space with some sweaty ah pak).On the other hand,you get the loudness(in this case,the vendors blasting dance songs on their speakers while in Pasar Malam,it's coming from the vendors themselves).
They even have a second level!!!How's that for a high class Pasar Malam?=P

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