Sunday, September 10, 2006


Yi Wang's friend,Emily,and her family came down to Singapore to visit Cynthia(who is her elder sister and our senior in NTU) yesterday.Naturally being bored and busybody,I've tagged along with them to go to Orchard.

We were supposed to take the 199 bus together before 10.30am but as The Principle of Normal-Students'-Saturday-Wake-Up-Time would have it,we were late.Can't really blame us though,we were happily having this:

2 packets of rice,2 packets of prawn,1 packet of chicken,1 packet of fried crab,1 packet of lamb and 1 more packet of fish(not in the picture) as supper the night before and slept at around 3am.

Nevermind that....Yi Wang,Wai Seng,Cynthia,Gladys and I met up in the bus instead,and took the MRT at Boon Lay to get to Orchard,where we would meet Emily and her parents.What I didn't expect was the torment I had to go through before we found Emily - walking around the foodcourt in an empty stomach.When you're hungry,anything that doesn't smell like garbage is an aroma.

Their foodcourts are nowhere near the medans we have in Malaysia.You would never thought you're in a foodcourt in the first place if they didn't put the big flashing neon sign that screams "I'm a freaking foodcourt!!!"(ok they didn't,but it's something along that line).And for those who miss Wai Seng's face:

Shopping spree(more like WINDOW shopping spree) started once we had finished our lunch.When girls are shopping,guys' roles are (a)carry their shopping bags (b)wait for them outside the clothes shop (c)give opinions on the clothes that they try on,only to have the opinions to be ignored.Fortunately we only had to fulfill role (b).The girls didn't buy any clothes because there wasn't any sales going on.(Singapore Grand Sales is an annual event...around June or July,unlike Malaysia Grand Sales)And we were met by this sight when we stepped out of Wisma Atria:

I pity trees that are forced to wear polka dot boxers by some lunatic Japanese artist.Where are the tree huggers when we actually need them?Then again,the lunatic Japanese artist might very well wrap the tree huggers along with the trees.

We proceeded to Bugis for more (window) shopping...which I'll continue in the next post.


Chimpanzee said...

went from Hall 16 to Hall 6 that day for that 8 packets... still wasn't full when i got back, what the hell is happening to me??!!

Dee said...

There's a surge in your metabolism rate,to decrease the metabolism rate,lock yourself in the freezer for 1 night. =P

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