Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nature of Malaysians

All talk and no action makes Malaysia lack its competence.


Seriously,how many times do we have to bring that up?
Non-bumis are not satisfied because they contribute most of the government tax while bumis are ripping most of the gains(well actually,rich bumis with connections who abuse the loopholes in the system).Bumis unwilling to budge because they're too comfortable with this system.Nothing gets done,after that things quiet down for a while until some joker comes along his merry way and decides to play racial card.Then we have the whole cycle again.What's the whole point of the debate if VIABLE solutions are not offered?

Sure,the system should be restructured to help ALL the poors instead of getting abused by certain parties.But how?That's where we all stop short.Rather than sitting behind your monitor and debate endlessly,knowing that it wouldn't change the situation much,why not do something that WILL actually change the situation?

Unless of course,your sole purpose of doing that is showing other netizens how intelligent you are.If that's the case,go and get laid.Oh wait,on second thought,better not,I'm afraid you'll only produce offsprings who are exactly like you.Here's a better suggestion,go and get vasectomy done for the better of mankind.We don't need "intelligent" whiners like you who refuse to suggest any viable solution.

I believe that most of the young adults in Malaysia do not bother to vote.So......why are they complaining when they could not even care less about the basic right that a citizen has?

You do not deserve any right if you're not going to use it.


Praveen said...

ala,the jus soli thing is a prolem,but I doubt the gov is gonna do anything about it soon.
Well,youre in SG now,why worry bout msia

Dee said...

I am a Malaysian after all.... =P

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