Saturday, September 16, 2006


Took the CA(continual assessment,something like a quiz....difference is it contributes to my final results) for Material Science yesterday.70%.....ok lah....there's still 1 more CA to improve the situation. =P

Well,I've just received an email from the MAE(Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) Publication director regarding the upcoming tasks.Next Tuesday there'll be a meeting to decide who become what....either designer,writer or photographer for the magazines.

Thursday evening is going to be the subcom night and we're required to do a coverage on that as well.Although it's not explicitly stated,but I suppose it's hinted that attendance is compulsory for us.Not complaining here,I'm going to get free food and know more chi...forget the latter part.

That aside I also have another task at hand now....actually 2.One is to study Life Sciences for my upcoming CA and the brainstorm events for the Mid-Autumn Festival in my Hall of Residence.

What's Mid-Autumn Festival?Mooncake Festival lah.I thought only Malaysians and Mainland Chinese(though inevitably in Mainland Chinese case) are notorious for direct literal translation from Mandarin to English,apparently Singaporeans aren't really that far behind us in this department.Well at least their literal translation doesn't sound Beng-ish or as absurdly hilarious as the translation that Mainland Chinese does....

In fact it sounds so much more sophisticated than Mooncake Festival.First time I heard it,I thought it has something to do with Autumn season...probably celebrated by Westerners/Mainland Chinese/Japanese/Korean and everyone else decides to jump the bandwagon(Halloween and Christmas anyone?).And frankly I would've given him/her a blank stare should an ang mor approach me and ask me,"What do you Chinese do on Mid-Autumn Festival?" followed by,"Why ask me?Isn't this you ang mors' festive season?".

Perhaps they're doing this direct literal translation for the sake of Mainland Chinese.

Serve Noon Festival and Clean Stuffy Day anyone?


Hsueh Ming said...

Go there and eat chicks and meet food XD

Dee said...

If there are chicks in the first place =P

Chimpanzee said...

Of course.. You'll find the Legendary Leng Lui there!!

Dee said...

Ah,but I shudder at the prospect of getting hammered flat by Legendary Leng Lui's stalkers(and potential stalkers) =P

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