Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well,the second level is more like a shopping mall than Pasar Malam(status upgrade as the level gets higher?Will I get a shopping mall at third level then?)Anyway,the shop spaces are more well defined and the vendors can't be bothered to get any speakers(means no more horribly made dance music assaulting my ears,yay!!) .There are lots of manicure shops at this level,and we saw one MAN getting his nails done.He HAS to be one of those on the verge of turning gay.And look what I've found....
Dildos anyone?

This shop is just like "I Need House" in Sunway Pyramid.Anyway,we leave the high class Pasar Malam and proceed to another mall,a real shopping mall,with an interesting concept in its architecture.

It feels like we're walking in the streets back in the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka era,minus the fact that people here aren't dressed like the people in those days.There are stalls set up in the middle of the path as you can see in the few pictures above.And one particularly deserved mentioning - the stall name is "Deceptive Wires",guess what the stall sells......KEY CHAINS!Deceptive indeed,we're fooled by the name.I'm so gonna say this everytime I buy a new key chain,"Yo wassup my man,check out my new bling-bling deceptive wires!"
Malay Street!!But no Malay restaurants.....where's my nasi lemak!!??


Hsueh Ming said...

XD bling bling deceptive wires....

You abuse that digi cam too much my friend.

Dee said...

Actually the photos are taken with my W810i.Camera phones are meant to be abused,especially when they have 2 megapixel XD

Hsueh Ming said...

XD I also wan

chimpanzee said...

hsueh ming, told u go get 3 megapixel camera phone edy lor.. dun just say u want.. get it!!

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