Sunday, September 17, 2006

Clashes of the titans

Ah...the long awaited clashes of the titans in EPL:

Arsenal vs Manchester United
Liverpool vs Chelsea

Arsenal and Liverpool will be the underdogs in these 2 clashes.No surprise there really,things aren't really going in our favour lately.

Arsenal - 2 points in 3 matches,the worst EPL campaign start that Arsene Wenger has during his years in Arsenal.The only consolation we have is that we're still doing fine in ECL.The fact that Giggs is out of action also makes things favourable for us,but it might be offset by the possibility of Van Persie and Henry not being able to join us tonight.Perhaps Adebayor will miraculously become our finisher and score a hat trick,or Julio Baptista samba his way into Manchester's net(with the ball one cares if you decide to dance around aimlessly if you're not holding the ball...your teammates and fans might decide to throw pizza at you but that's beside the point),tricking everyone along the way....I can only hope.

Liverpool - 3-0 loss to Everton is really a big tight slap in Liverpool's face,a real ego demolisher(Hsueh Ming don't kill me for bringing this up =P).A draw with PSV may serve as a slight confidence booster for them,and also the fact that Chelsea isn't really in their top form lately.

May the underdogs win tonight in their respective matches.

In honour of the striker that we hate to see most in the field against us prior to his departure from Manchester United:
Perfect timing seeing that tonight is the first clash between us and Manchester after his departure.Enjoy.

(PS: No Ruud is harmed in the process of making of the page)

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