Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Last week I've received a nice little box of chocolate from a friend:

Ducd'O!! I've never heard of it... maybe chocolate lovers can enlighten me a little?

These are basically 4 of the 9 chocolates available in the box. 2 dark chocolates, 2 white chocolates...

The remaining 5, all of which are milk chocolates. The smudge on the paper can only mean that the chocolates are so good that the paper wants a piece for itself... or is it?

Well, I'm here to find out.

The bottom right one doesn't look appealing... then again, I probably should've expected it when I left the box on my table for days before putting it into my fridge.

And so in less than 5 minutes time, I popped each and every one of them into my mouth...

They say that Belgian dark chocolates are the best, or at least chocolate lovers shouldn't die without trying them... and my verdict? Slightly bitter and slightly sweet, I suppose it's not too bad. At least it is appealing to my taste buds (I don't quite like bitter things, except for durian that is...).

Next are the white chocolates. Frankly speaking I don't know what I should expect because the last time I tasted white chocolate, it tasted more like solidified thick condensed milk and sent me into a diabetic paranoia frenzy. So honestly, I have no idea how a genuine white chocolate should taste. The white chocolates tasted sweet, but there's no hint of milky taste at all. The taste didn't particular strike me as being distinctive... candy-like perhaps.

Finally the milk chocolates which are... milky.

My personal preferences... mocha praline truffles from dark and white chocolate categories and vanilla from milk chocolate category.


Elaynne said...

Hey... You should play the game ' chocolatier'.... can make ur own chocolate and sell...... I wannnnnnna playyyyyyyyyy but i finished my free trial... sigh

Dee said...

Do I get to taste my own chocolates? =P

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