Monday, December 10, 2007

Elaynne's 21st

I've almost forgotten about the existence of my blog... that's how busy I am currently.

It's 3 weeks late(sorry Elaynne!) but I owe you this one. Happy 21st Elaynne!!

Elaynne + her present + a certain Wangi's hand

We managed to surprise the former FOC Assistant Chief Programmer!! That's no small feat ok? =P

But of course, just a birthday surprise isn't enough to summarise our dearie Elaynne's 21st birthday. Due to the lack of pictures, I shall hand it over to Elaynne and Jane to do the narration.


Elaynne said...

Hey HEy!! Didn't expect to see this, as u have not updated for a long long time... anyway.. thanks!

Dee said...

Haha...stupid ISG practically take up my whole day almost everyday... =P

That's why I can hardly update.

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