Sunday, May 27, 2007

Closet masochist?

Action : Ate nasi lemak 2 hours before jogging 4km.
Conclusion : I might be a closet masochist.

Action : Jogged for 4km while enduring pain in abdomen and stomach.
Conclusion : No more shitting-in-pants incidents in the future should there be diarrhea since I can endure the pain while running for a good whole 25 minutes(closet masochist comes into mind again) and it's quite impossible to not find a toilet within 4km radius in a country that's as small as Singapore.

Action : Sat outside from 5.30am till 7am reading a book.
Conclusion : Squinting eyes for a good one and a half hours in exchange of mosquito bites in the breeze.(I seriously think that I subconsciously enjoy pain... and no, you can't inflict extreme pain on me without my consent)

Action : Slept only for 2 hours before I woke up at 9am for breakfast.
Conclusion : Huge sacrifice for my first intersemester breakfast.

Action : Typing all these while obviously lacking sleep.
Conclusion : I'm a superman cum masochist... must be the coffee I took this morning.

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