Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do you have a girlfriend?

He asked.

"No," I said.

"Is that a no in Singapore only or in Malaysia as well?"

"No in Malaysia as well."

"What do you think about girls who are a few years older than you?"

"I'm okay with them I guess."

"How about I introduce you to one? She's just got back from studying in Australia... so she's about..."

"22 or 23 years old?" I suggested.

"Yeah, around that age..."

I nodded my head slightly.
Day 3:
Mentos - used to be unable to live without it. Bought one today, couldn't stop myself from keep popping them into my mouth... finished the whole box in about 1 hour...

I'm a Mentos addict.


大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

Wah, then for next birthday, no need to buy ordinary birthday cake, just a hamper with various products and flavours from Mentos...sounds good?

Dee said...

Ahaha... no way!! That's a cheapo birthday cake substitute =P

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