Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The phone rang.


"Hey, I can't sleep and I'm bored."


"It's so hot now, do you switch on your air-conditioner to sleep?"

"Errr... no, my room doesn't have an air-conditioner."

"So you're just relying on fan?"


"Won't you feel hot then? Do you leave the windows or the door open?"

"Windows yes, door no."

"Oh... it's so hot that I don't wear anything to sleep even though I'm in air-conditioned room."


I was beginning to have a bad feeling about this.

"Do you wear anything at all to sleep then? Since you don't have an air-conditioner..."

"Erm, I still wear tee and short pants to sleep."

"Oh my, how could you stand the heat?"


"Then do you wear underwear?"

*Awkward silence*

Why the heck did you want to know if I wear it to sleep?


"I'm telling you, wearing underwear to sleep is baaaaadddd."

That's when I knew I''d have to cut off the line like... RIGHT AWAY!!

"You know what, I'm feeling very sleepy now so I'm heading to bed."

"Oh okay, sleep well."

This conversation took place 5am in the morning. Some freak woke me up in the wee hours to tell me that wearing underwear to sleep is bad. What the...


Chimpanzee said...

swt.. sapa tu?

Dee said...

Some random dude.

If he's someone I know then I'll probably haunt him for the rest of my life for inflicting such trauma on me. =P

Grace said...

Gosh...what a phone call to get 5am in the morning! :P

Tammy said...

congrats! you have a secret admirer!!

Dee said...

No thanks Tammy, you can have him. =P

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