Sunday, September 09, 2007

Election, Merdeka and Toy!


My first ever experience in preparing and going through an election.

Yeap, that's me right there...

First we had to go through election rally in which each candidate would have to make a speech and answer the questions from the audience. Making the speech wasn't that overwhelming, considering the audience consists of the previous management committee and the candidates only.

To quote my previous Publication Director, "Aiya, it's a Friday night lar, who wants to come? I got better place to go and better things to do lor..."

Nevertheless, it's a procedure made necessary by SAO so we had to comply.

On the following Thursday, an election was held.

I've only prepared flyers and smile to pull the votes. And to be frank, it's not an easy job to stand around the election booth for hours smiling and "haunting" the voters so that they would vote for you.

I do pity the voters though, since they almost always get swarmed by candidates who stuffed flyers onto their hands before they could even blink their eyes. There were a few voters who eluded us by sneaking past us to the booth while we're not paying attention. I must pick up the skill someday, it might just come in handy. =P

Fortunately(or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) I emerged as the winner in the end. 70% vote, quite a landslide victory I say. Thanks for the support!

Merdeka Night

Held on the night one day after our Independence Day by MSA, this is by far the best Merdeka Night because I did not just one, but TWO awesome dance in it.

Everything was fantastic that night, the crowd, the emcees, the performances, the food... everything!
Rokkuguh Dance! Lots of effort was put in to perfect the dance and it's perfect! =D

Rokkuguh Dance Team! Great to dance with you guys, look forward to more performances together if possible.

3 hunks, 2 babes and 1 monster king.

The response was very good, shame that it had to end at 11pm as all the lights would be switched off.

And I've just got myself a new toy....

Hehehehehe... Elaynne, next time there will be no more excuse of me not taking enough pictures with you. =D


Chimpanzee said...

power... ada camera..

Elaynne said...

hahahahaha I expect more photos of ME????

Dee said...

chimp: It's a necessity for me now =P

elaynne: Only if you take with me =P

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