Sunday, August 19, 2007

2 weeks in a glance

1st week

National Day Parade!! For your information, Singapore's National Day is on 9th August... and their preparation for the National Day is no small feat either. The performers have been practising countless times so that it would be perfect on the actual day itself.

Me on the other hand went to my cousin's place to watch the NDP. The wonders of television... I get to watch the whole parade without having to squeeze myself among the sweaty and stuffy crowd. Sure, I may not be able to experience the atmosphere or take pictures, but I certainly didn't feel like wearing the lion mask and waving Singaporean flag... besides I don't have a camera.

After watching the parade, my cousin and her family celebrated my birthday. They've prepared a coffee chocolate cake which was very nice. The kids didn't like it though... they have yet to appreciate the taste of coffee.

10th August - my birthday!! But there's a replacement class at 4.30pm... haih... totally wasted my effort of freeing up my schedule on Friday after 1.30pm. Since everyone was busy(myself included), I had organized an impromptu dinner at Swensen's and probably disrupted many people's plans... sorry about that guys!

The ice-cream cake!! Love it!

My free ice cream!! Hahahaha.

Supper followed next... and I was promptly ponded after that... in front of Chinese Heritage Center. Lai Fai and Joe involuntarily got ponded as well. =P

One glow in the dark tag, one Arsenal pencil box and one..... TRANSFORMERS TOY!! You cheeky Sunway peeps!! XD I certainly didn't expect that... haha.

Next is the present from Adrian, Elaine, Jane, Ken Shaun, Shaun and Wai Seng...

Tadaaaa!!! The front! Seems like banana is an in-thing now...

And messages from each of them are imprinted on the back! A very nice gift I must concur.

Thanks everyone for the wishes, celebration and the gifts!!

2nd week

ECA fair on Monday and Tuesday... and Boardgames Club has Betrayal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We quickly went over to the booth and found out where we could buy the game. Guys... prepare yourselves, there'll be a lot more gathering once we get the game. =D

Thanks Elaynne for telling me about it.

Apart from that, I also had dance practices for the performance on Merdeka Night. And I'm happy to say that we've basically learned all the dance move and able to dance to the song in 2 practices!! As for the revelation of the dance... you'll find out on Merdeka Night itself. Hehe...

Oh and I'm running for the Publication Officer position in MAE club... so if you have any friends who are in MAE school, please tell them to vote for me on coming Thursday... many thanks!!


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