Thursday, December 21, 2006


Mamak at a super dark corner is scary, especially when you're facing a flight of stairs leading into darkness.

I can create disco bling-bling effect with my phone, hence proving SonyEricsson's superiority in the beng department.

I've been inhaling too much second hand smoke lately.

Weng Kin went nuts yesterday, probably due to Wai Seng's sudden return.

Hsueh Ming still owes us sandwiches.

I eat more than Daniel, not that it matters much.

I've been waking up at 11 am regardless of what time I sleep.

And the thought of 4 guys happily skipping around in supermarket is disturbing.


Anonymous said...

others i understand...

but 4 ma lat lou skipping happily in a mall?

wat da fish o.O??

Chimpanzee said...

ah.. feels good to see a bunch of surprised faces

Dee said...

Justin : Well, my friends and I were shopping and basically going crazy at a supermarket.

Chimp : No surprised faces though. =(

Hsueh Ming said...

Thought already treated you guys to a sandwich >.>

Dee said...

One is not enough ya know. =P

Hsueh Ming said...

Um sai hai mar....

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