Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Breathing in Malaysian air.....

is probably not as refreshing as doing so in Singapore. Well mostly because I'm studying in a side that is relatively underdeveloped (still better than the squalid regions in Malaysia mind you) with lesser vehicles and factories that'll rob you of your fresh air.

But still, it feels good nonetheless. Home sweet home they say.

I've realised that I've become a paranoid while I was taking the commuter back to Subang from KL Central. Every 5 minutes or so I would feel my pockets just to make sure that my wallet, passport and cellphone were still with me. It's so much different compared to when I was in MRT.

Got back to home safe and sound (despite paying a whooping RM15 as taxi fare to get myself from Subang commuter station back to my house, couldn't be bothered though, too damn tired to negotiate). Mum was the only one who was home, dad and bro had gone out to work. Took a good long bath before I fainted on my good old soft and mushy bed. Your very own bed is the very best place to be after a long journey, and I do not doubt that at all.

Friday night and the whole Saturday were spent with family (parents miss me too much I guess), and I had my second buffet in 3 days. What followed on Sunday morning was a burnt tongue, though I had not the faintest idea how I've got it. It might just be the delayed effect from popping takoyaki balls into my mouth during the sushi buffet. My tongue still hurts now.

The whole Sunday was spent watching Death Note anime. The storyline is absolutely fantastic. I think I'll get hold of the manga after they've finished subbing all the anime episodes.

Went out on Monday with Hsueh Ming, Wai Seng and Weng Kin for lunch. Lots of catching up. And Hsueh Ming was feeling somewhat rich (unwillingly perhaps) so he paid for our Nasi Lemak Ayam. He came back from UK after all, he would have definitely felt richer, richer than us at least. =P

Either way, thanks Hsueh Ming for the lunch. And the ride as well. XD

After we stopped by at Summit because HM wanted to buy a cue stick, naturally he was conned into buying a slightly crooked one and remained stubborn despite us telling him to change to a better one. As long as you're happy HM. Jian Wen then joined us at Pyramid, and we bought stuffs. Played snooker after that, kena tarpau by Jian Wen first round and managed to squeeze a very much undeserved victory in the second round.

After that we went to William's and surprise surprise, Bryan also joined us. He's back from Portsmouth for one week to attend his sister's wedding, and what great timing too! At least he got to see Wai Seng one last time this year before Wai Seng made his way back to Singapore on Tuesday night.

Was out the whole day again today and I'll probably sound like a broken record if I were to recap things that happened today so I think I'll just leave it here. Tomorrow I'll get to see my secondary school friends!! Yippee!!


Hsueh Ming said...

It's not crooked la, it's straight >.> Can't tell any difference when I'm playing with it. Plus, it's awesome XD

Dee said...

It's slightly bent if you bothered to check. Ah well, as long as you're happy with it.

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