Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Melbourne - Phillip Island part 2

Shortly after visiting the Koala Conservation Center, the drizzling became heavier. We had no choice but to retreat to a sheltered place - The Amazen Things.
It wasn't in our plan initially because we wanted to go to the Nobbies to see seals, also there was another issue of time constraint since we only had about an hour to spare before the penguin parade.

The Amazen Things brought back the kids inside us with all the mazes and quirky funsies. First we were climbing on a slope,
which supposedly distorted our sense of balance though I personally didn't experience anything unusual.

The slope also meant that we could perform some gravity defying illusion, like this:
That's a Michael Jackson move right there yo!!

After that Wai Seng got thoroughly confused by this big big lollipop:

After that we went on to the mirror maze and boy do I love mirrors!!

Sadly from the pictures above, Elaine and Wai Seng didn't quite share the same sentiments as I did. After about 5 minutes of walking and probing, we found our way out of the mirror maze... except Yi Wang:
We had to break the glass and haul him out of the mazeHe joined us shortly after finding his way out of the maze.

And then we got hungry:
Like... really really hungry...
that we didn't get disgusted seeing our friends' heads being served as food.
But Yi Wang didn't mind his head being served as food at all judging from his brilliant grin.

We fooled around a bit longer to kill time before running back to our car and sped our way to the Penguin Parade.
We had to be at the beach roughly one hour earlier before the penguins came up the shore. Why? We had no idea at all.

For the penguin parade, we weren't allowed to photograph the penguins because they were afraid that the camera flash would scare the penguins into confusion and as a result the penguins wouldn't be able to return to their nests.

So we could only satisfy with camwhoring while waiting for the penguins to come back. The staffs came down later and I had to keep my camera.

Do not be fooled by the pictures above, we were freezing our asses off from all the chilly winds blowing from the sea AND we had to endure that for the whole hour before the penguins came up.

My advice: If you ever go for Penguin Parade, bring those mask that terrorists use to protect your face and ear from all the chilly winds. The cold from your face and ear would eventually spread into your body so it's probably best that you minimize the area of your skin being exposed to the wind as much as possible.

That said, there were a few heroic souls who went there with only short sleeve shirts (that's the only layer they're wearing) and short pants. They must be Eskimos.

After the Penguin Parade, we ate pizza in the car and then drove back to Melbourne City and called it a night.

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