Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I'll freely admit: This holiday hasn't been a happy one.

Face hidden to avoid potentially traumatizing graphic

And it was a tough period to go through as well.

I was lost, I was scared, I was lonely. I didn't expect it to be so fast... probably because I wasn't there most of the time to witness it.

I am not the most expressive person, nor am I talkative, in hindsight perhaps I should be.

I want him to watch me graduate, I want him to watch me setting up my own family, I want him to grow old with mum, I want to sit with him and laugh about how much of a nuisance I was when I was a baby, I want him to watch both his boys succeed in life and know that we couldn't ask for a better father.

Alas, the final moment came as swiftly as it went.

I will remember all the promises I've made to you, I will treasure every little thing you've done for me, I will remember what you've said to me and I will always be proud of you.

Goodbye my one and only father.


Elaynne said...


I will make sure I see you graduate, start a family and until you grow old!!!

I'll be there!

Anthony said...

don't make me blast michael jackson's 'you are not alone' at full blast just to make a point, neighbour!

You know where to find me for anything!

Chongyen said...

De Zien, hope you are all fine by now. I didn't know what to say when i was informed of the unpleasant news.
As your friend, i can tell that you are a good and filial person.
Let's cherish all we had and everything we have now. Take care!

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