Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The past week...

consists of endless report writing, my first ever Singapore flyer experience, going to Clarke Quay and Mount Faber while working, lots of geek talk over one dinner and my first time lurking in 4 malls in the same day.

For the sanity of those who may or may not stumble upon this blog, I shall omit the report writing part.

Singapore flyer experience:
It was Suk Kwan's birthday. And I had absolutely no reason to miss the celebration because once upon a time she had took the pain(and lots of effort) to tell me when her birthday is.

Pink Wan was the main organizer for the celebration and she suggested Singapore flyer, something different from the usual "dinner & birthday cake" celebration combo(and the fact that the Singapore flyer is having student rate promotion in lieu of their 1st anniversary helped too).

The result:
Night view of Marina Bay. Wish that you're here to see it.

The night view was awesome. Just too bad that 40 minutes was too short. We couldn't get enough of it. Definitely worth the 10 dollars(and maybe a teeny-weeny bit more, but not the usual rate of 30 plus dollars).

Clarke Quay & Mount Faber:
It was a good getaway from the everyday office life(then again I've gone to Cathay Cineleisure and Science Centre during work so I guess it wasn't THAT bad). Oh and it's free and easy too since it's more like an education trip than actual work. It felt like a mobile lecture session, which I miss a little since I didn't have any after I began my internship.

There was one thing that caught my attention though: when we were in Mount Faber, I saw a Johor car passed by us. As we were leaving Mount Faber, I saw that same car parked in the middle of the road and the couple inside were making out. Driving all the way from Johor to Mount Faber to make out... on a weekday morning, looks like they really have plenty of time to spare.

On Friday night I was in my cousin's place for steamboat dinner. And I didn't realize how cute my nephew(because I have no better word and it would be weird to refer to him as my cousin's son) is until my cousin told us about his little phone conversations.

About 1 or 2 weeks ago, my nephew picked up a phone call. It was his first time picking up a phone call so naturally he didn't know what to do. He didn't get any information about the caller(might not have spoken anything too, to the dismay of the caller) so my cousin asked whether the caller was a boy or a girl. To her amusement, my nephew didn't know that too, so she left it at that.

So the second time my nephew picked up a phone call, his immediately asked "Are you a boy or a girl?"

4 shopping malls and a pair of dead feet:
Was in Tampines to try out Manpuku. Manpuku is a Japanese village restaurant and like Shokudo in Raffles City, they give you a card like this:
and then you go around and purchase food using this card. Only when you decide to leave the place then you'll pay the cash.

Tried Moonlight Oku(basically Japanese style pancake), the taste reminded me of takoyaki - a little bit sourish and a small hint of sweetness. After that moved on to Butter Miso Corn Ramen... DON'T ever order that. Just don't.

We then proceeded to try their cakes and parfaits. For the cakes, four words: Too much whip cream. For parfait we picked Matcha Parfait, which in my opinion was nice. Love the green tea flavoured ice cream.

Tried Teadot after about 3 hours of shopping. They serve a wide variety of teas, from the standard ones to the quirky ones. Their staffs were kind enough to throw in recommendations too when we were pondering over which tea to pick. I had Royal Earl Grey Tea, might have been my limited taste bud but it tasted awfully like our beloved Teh Tarik. Might have something to do with the caramel that they've added in.

After that we proceeded to Vivo City and they were having Nissan exhibition there. Halfway through the exhibition they even invited people to perform dance. But any performance pales in comparison to this:
The latest addition in the Nissan Fairlady Series - 370Z!!

Everyone was vying for the chance to sit in the car. When I finally got to sit in the car, I was sitting beside a stranger and suddenly things became awkward. Both of us knew very well that we're just going to be in the car for less than 5 minutes, both of us knew that we were just in there to experience how sitting in the car felt like. And yet the universal law of awkwardness dictates that we should feel awkward sharing a tight space with a stranger even though it's only for less than 5 minutes. Maybe I just don't like sharing space with people whom I don't know.

Finally we went to Chinatown for dinner and dessert before we called it a day.

My limbs became lifeless the moment I reached my room and it remained that way until Monday.

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