Friday, October 31, 2008

If you believed what I said in my previous post...

you'll find out how full of shit I am when you chance upon this post... presumably 1 year later.

But hey, I'm fine with it... it's not like I'm gaining any readership as far as the current situation goes... just remind me about this post if you do bother to run up to me and tell me that I'm full of shit 1 year later. Of course, if you read this post today and decide to run up to me to tell me that I'm full of shit, I more than welcome you to do that.

As of now, I'm deep in thought about a lot of things... things that I have been asking myself over and over and over and over again ever since I don't know when... good, because I can finally sleep in peace at night knowing full well that I have a brain... bad, because I should be spending all these time drowning myself in books and projects.

It's not November yet, but I shall take the opportunity here to first wish my one and only, lovely elder brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It's about 2 hours too early but I don't care... in view of your 26th birthday, even though you're probably busy celebrating it with your girlfriend and won't read this any time soon... I shall say that I'm glad to have you as my brother because:

1) You're quite full of shit as well
2) That's it actually




Wen | Way said...

Hello there, how are you? Thank you very much for the kind F.O.S. boy.

Dee said...

Always a pleasure. =P

Me? Hurmm... busy... exam's around the corner so yeah...

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