Sunday, July 29, 2007

And so it has ended

Yeap... it has ended. FOC that is.

While it's a relief that I'm finally getting the sleep that I've been deprived of for 2 weeks, I certainly didn't want it to end so fast. To me, everyday of Senior Camp and FOC has been thoroughly enjoyable one, all of us are high in spirits everyday. Sure, there may be clashes, impatience and misunderstandings along the way but we, the programmers especially, grow to understand each other better, melt the boundaries and are comfortable around one another.

To all programmers,

Joe Lam, Lai Fai, Wan Xin, Elaine Lee, Elaine Tam, Boon Cheng, Danny, Jia Ning, Wee Ping, Wei Jian, Wai Hong, Kim, Yi Zhen, Yen Yah, Pey Shan, Hui Ling, Sai Lei, Wai Seng, Ken Shaun, Cin Huang, Gabriel, Jeeva, Leler and Shermaine...

it's my pleasure knowing and working with you. We share the joy and pain together, going through meetings after meetings and sleepless night after sleepless night. The frustrations we experience during Senior Camp have only made us more resolute to make the FOC a success, and boy it is a great success despite having minor glitches here and there. I'm sorry if I've offended any of you when we're working together.

Thank you for giving me one of the best memories ever!


Elaynne said...

Don't I get extra credit? ** hur hur hur**

Dee said...

Extra credits?

I'll see how much extra credits you give me first XP

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