Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Goddess of Beauty

The unrivalled Mother Nature!!

Next on my wishlist : DSLR camera, W810i is simply not good enough to take these breathtaking scenes in their full glory.

Now you know what to get for my next birthday present.

To those who are horny and more excited about me getting girlfriend than I am curious(I know you're not, but I'll pretend that you are anyway), I've spent my Valentine's having mini diarrhea and studying for my quiz.


Chimpanzee said...

Studyin for a quiz thats not worth the amount of studyin done..

Hsueh Ming said...

I spent it playing pool...

Dee said...

Chimpanzee : Yes for physics, no for criminology. I am just as amazed as you are regarding the fact that I'm able to finish the whole lecture notes in 2 hours. But I'll never pull that off again ever, headache.

HM : Wise choice I say. Did you berate your team members while you're at it? =P

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