Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Entropy Level : High

I'm probably the only one who doesn't anticipate Thursdays and Fridays.

I've never thought that any sane person would allow people to smoke in a small air-conditioned bar.

Elaine and Jane had probably used my highlighter to write the Welcome Back note for me.

I probably won't understand the thrill of watching 32 cosplayers faking a fight, like a much tamer, less violent version of WWE, ever.

I'm going to look really silly if I'm really cosplaying this year.

I got my first ever Christmas present in my entire life, and the way my friends described the present made me think of...... other things.

First ever christmas present.

It thinks that you're too yong sui and vomitting right now is shy with strangers.

I'm happy to announce that there's no longer a big hole on my blanket, instead the hole is replaced by many smaller holes.

Alcohols cause rashes on my arms, though the rashes will disappear on the next night.

Bridge is fun.

Drinking vodka lime while playing bridge is more fun.

Getting complains from the advisor of the hostel block while playing bridge and drinking vodka lime is not fun.

As for my "sudden" departure, I'll try to be much less subtle next time. *stares at HM*


Hsueh Ming said...

Bridge is fun. Being subtle is not fun.

Dee said...

But being subtle while playing Bridge is extra fun. =P

Chimpanzee said...

damn, we still haven't find out the room of that girl that complain

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